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Stephanie E. Wardrop

Professional Educator of English
B.A., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
M.A., British and American Literature, The College of William and Mary in Virginia
Ph. D, English with a certificate in Womens Studies, SUNY at Stony Brook
Office: Herman 100 O
Website: http://stephaniewardrop.wordpress.com/

Film and television

British literature

popular culture

womens studies

girls studies


ENGL 132

ENGL 130

ENGL 133

Brit Lit I

Brit Lit II

Literature and Culture of England

Childrens Literature

Women in Literature

American Lit II

YA Literature

Romance and Realism in 19th-century British Literature

Modern Women Writers

Childrens Literature



They Dont Have a Name For it Yet: Feminism and Vegetarianism in Jonathon Demmes The Silence of the Lambs, LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory

The Snark and Circumstance e-novella series (YA contemporary romance fiction), Swoon, 2013.

The Heroine Is Being Beaten: Freud, Sadomasochism, and Reading the Romance, Style, Vol. 29, No. 3

Last of the Red Hot Mohicans: Miscegenation in the Popular American Romance. MELUS: Multiethnic Literatures of the US, Vol. 22, No. 2, Summer, 1997