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Global Scholars Program

Coursework and Credits Overview

To earn the College of Arts and Sciences Global Scholar designation, a student must complete successfully:

    1. Global Intercultural Orientation (INST 100, 2 credits): This course prepares students to study and/or work abroad, developing skills in learning about and reflecting on cultural differences in education, work, and living abroad. It is open to any University student. 
    2. Minimum six credits of courses outside the United States successfully completed in one or more international study experiences. This may be accomplished through the LondonSemester or one of the many other study abroad experiences offered or arranged by the University. Exceptions to international study may be granted for intensive foreign language trainingStudent must be in good academic standing to participate in study abroad and to graduate with Global Scholars recognition. Specific study abroad programs may require higher standards of admission.
    3. Minimum six credits of international and intercultural courses, including foreign languages, world regions and cultures, or global issues. These may be completed at the University or through University-approved study abroad.
    4. Capstone completed in the senior year (1-3 credits in courses, independent study, or internships). Global Scholars should reflect on how their international or intercultural learning connects to their University studies in a major, minor, or specific courses. The capstone experience should advance the candidate's reflections on international and intercultural study through mentoring, volunteering, research, writing, or presentations. Candidates will present their reflections on key moments of international and intercultural learning over their University careers. The capstone must be developed in consultation with a faculty member and/or the Coordinator of Global Scholars. It may be aligned with the Honors Program and/or major program requirements.  In addition to any College-specific requirements for the 1-3 credit capstone, Global Scholar candidates should address the following questions in their capstone reflections:
      • How has completion of the Global Scholar requirements contributed to your learning in a specific area of study (i.e. your major and/or minor)?   
      • How has completion of the Global Scholar requirements shaped your understanding of region(s) or nation(s) outside of the United States?