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Job and Internship Resources

From your first day on campus, you can take advantage of the career planning and graduate school resources available through the Kevin S. and Sandra E. Delbridge Career Center. Make an appointment with your Career Advisor on the Handshake page to explore your career goals, aspirations, and academic interests, and put together a personalized plan to get you on the path to success.

Your Career Advisor can also help you explore internship and job options, as well as prepare a résumé, cover letter, and recorded mock interviews. You’ll also receive advice on networking, gathering references, business attire, and other job search strategies. Western New England University also holds career fairs and on-campus recruiting each year, which is open to all students.

Students who will be pursuing graduate studies after graduation can also find valuable information at the Career Center. This includes help with program research, personal statements, and prerequisite tests.

Career Exploration Tools

Use these resources to explore your potential career and/or internship opportunity.  Information gained through research will be valuable as you prepare your resume and cover letter and prepare for the interview process.


The TypeFocus Personality, Interests, and Values Assessment will help you identify how your own personal traits and strengths can best complement certain career paths. 


Connect your major to potential career, employers, and understand the strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.


View career videos of industry professionals sharing their job descriptions, backgrounds, and helpful advice to prepare for the position or industry.


Once you've narrowed down career options, the Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook will give you a more comprehensive look at your field of study, including job options, salary ranges, and the projected growth of the industry as a whole.


O*NET is another resource with detailed descriptions of various industries, job functions, and long-term prospects.

Helpful Guides

Connect with your Career Advisor to discuss your resume and cover letter strategy.

Resumes and CV's:
Your resume is often your first impression to a company or hiring manager.  Take the time to tailor your resume to the opportunity and have your resume reviewed by a career professional.  

Cover Letters:
The cover letter is your opportunity to highlight how and why you are qualified for the position or how your skills are transferable.  A cover letter should be prepared for each position to which you are applying.

References and Recommendations:
Every candidate should have a list of people who will speak on their behalf when interviewing for a position.  This provides the employer additional insight and information into your qualifications.

Guidelines for Establishing and Cultivating a Reference List

Thank You Letters:

Thank you letters can make a difference in securing a job or internships or after meeting with networking contact.  Thank you letters should be sent 24 hours after meeting with your connection.

Thank You Letters Guide

Prepare Early and Often

Even if you feel you are ready for your interview, you should prepare.  The Career Center offers tailored practice interviews based on the position to which you are applying.  These practice interviews can be scheduled via Handshake and can be recorded. Take advantage of this outstanding resource.

  • Tell me about yourself - your 30 second elevator pitch Guide
  • Interviewing Strategies Guide
  • Sample Interview Questions Guide
  • Legal and Illegal Interview Question Guide
  • Telephone Interview Guide
  • Virtual Interview Guide

Internship Program

An internship provides students with experience in their field and helps them stand out amongst the competition. Employers today look for candidates with professionalism and skills that come from an internship. Western New England University works with a network of businesses and organizations where students can complete field work, conduct engineering design projects, student teach, or work alongside professionals in their industry.

To pursue an internship for credit or not for credit, make an appointment with your Career Advisor to discuss your options and opportunities.

Here are some helpful resources to search for internships:

Academic Internship Guidelines

Click here for a list of where our students have completed academic internships.

Helpful Resources

Searching for a job can be very fruitful or very frustrating.  Make sure you connect with your Career Advisor to tailor your search and identify the resources that will be helpful through the process. 

Elements of a Successful Job Search Strategy
Searching for Jobs on Handshake
The Balance Careers: Top Strategies for a Successful Job Search

Campus Recruiting Program

Each semester employers recruit Western New England University students for their open positions in a variety of different ways:

  • Posting a job on Handshake
  • Attending a Career Fair
  • Hosting an Information Session
  • Participating in an Employer Zoom In or Industry Panel
  • On-Campus Interview Days
  • Employer Office Hours

Make sure you stay up to date on Handshake, your College's Career Center Kodiak Page, and follow the Delbridge Career Center's social media (instagram: @wne_career, twitter: @WNEcareer, LinkedIn: Delbridge Career Center) for the most up-to-date information

Helpful Guides to Navigate the Job Search

Career Programs and Networking Opportunities and Collaborations

The Career Center cultivates student success and strengthens the professional skills organizations desire. Our effective combination of education and career programs, strengthened by job search coaching is a valuable complement to a student’s academic experience. Resources include, data on labor market trends, employer contacts and connections, social media audits, recorded practice interviews, and the Handshake database of jobs, internships, events, and on campus recruiting.

Programs Include:

  • Sophomore Career Connections
  • Golden Bear Career Certificate Programs
  • AlumniLINKS Program
  • Board of Trustees Career Panels and Networking Opportunities
  • Career Fairs and Events