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Career Center Team

Patricia Goff
Associate Vice President, Delbridge Career Center
Office: CC 236
Email: patricia.goff@wne.edu
Telephone: 413-782-1520

Andrea St. James
Executive Director for Career Education
Office: CC 235
Email: andrea.stjames@wne.edu
Telephone: 413-782-1775

Sean Burke
Assistant Director
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: CC 235C
Email: sean.burke@wne.edu 
Telephone: 413-782-1564

Maria Cokotis
Assistant Director
College of Business
Office: CC 235B
Email: maria.cokotis@wne.edu
Telephone: 413-782-1547

Andrea St. James
College of Engineering
Office: CC 235
Email: andrea.stjames@wne.edu
Telephone: 413-782-1775

Tina Robertson
Assistant Director, Employer Outreach
Office: CC235
Email: tina.robertson@wne.edu  
Telephone: 413-782-1297