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Career Exploration

The Kevin S. and Sandra E. Delbridge Career Center is dedicated to supporting you through your career planning and preparation process. Working towards your future goals may seem daunting, but your Career Advisor can help keep you focused and on track for career success--throughout your undergraduate education and beyond.  Make an appointment NOW!

start planning for your future

Freshman Year: EXPLORE

Gather information about yourself to help make decisions about careers and direction.
  1. Meet with your Career Advisor to begin your college-level résumé.
  2. Complete TypeFocus to determine your strengths, interests, and values
  3. Create your profile in Handshake and upload your résumé.
  4. Begin to explore careers associated with major and/or interests.
  5. Join and participate in at least one activity (club/organization/athletic team/community service)
  6. Make at least one connection and ask questions (Faculty Advisor/member, University Advisor, Career Advisor, RA/PA, etc.)

Sophomore Year: EDUCATE

Gather information about the world of work by conducting research on careers, industries, and organizations. 
  1. Meet with your Career Advisor to explore potential industries, internships, and careers.
  2. Participate in Sophomore Career Connections or connect with an upperclassman/mentor to learn about academics and plans.
  3. Attend a professional skills workshop, career fair, or company information session to learn about future options.
  4. Prepare for the summer job search by researching different internships/experiential opportunities, updating your résumé, creating a cover letter, and applying for summer internships.
  5. Take a more active role in co-curricular activity.
  6. Create a LinkedIn Profile, have it reviewed by the Delbridge Career Center.

Junior Year: APPLY

Take advantage of all that Western New England University has to offer in the classroom through research and projects as well as, outside through internships, and applied experience.
  1. Meet with your Career Advisor to explore specific careers, industries, and companies through Handshake. Conduct an informational interview with alumni or employer partner.
  2. Research graduate/professional schools, degrees, and timelines.
  3. Participate in career workshops and practice your interview skills through a mock interview.
  4. Update your professional LinkedIn profile, have it reviewed by the Delbridge Career Center.
  5. Attend a Career and Internship Fair, employer information session, or career panel.
  6. Apply for and secure an internship related to your field or one that will provide you the building blocks.

Senior Year: IMPLEMENT

This is the beginning of your next step, applying what you have learned in and out of the classroom and putting your career strategy into place.
  1. Meet with your Career Advisor to strategize your jobs and/or graduate programs applications.
  2. Practice your interviewing skills through an in-person mock interview or through InterviewStream.
  3. Reconnect with your networking contacts and continue to make new connections.
  4. Transition into your next destination and share with the University your next steps through the Graduating Class Update.

Take the first step

The Career Center will help you on every step of your career journey. Whether you aren’t sure what academic major to pursue, or what shape you want your career to take, your Career Advisor will help you explore your options and determine what path will best suit your goals and abilities.

Helpful Resources:


The TypeFocus Personality, Interests, and Values Assessment will help you identify how your own personal traits and strengths can best complement certain career paths. 

 What Can I Do With This Major Logo

This resource will help you connect majors to careers.  Learn about typical career areas and types of employers as well as strategies to make you marketable.


Career Cornerstone

Resource for exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

 See the source image

Detailed descriptions of the world of work. Type in a job title under Occupation Quick Search and learn the knowledge, skills, abilities, content and activities of that position.  Also included is professional associations, wage and employment trends, and related occupations.

 Occupational Outlook Handbook | Ventura County Library

Sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, search occupations by groups, education, pay, training, growth rate, or title.  Gain detailed information on all aspects of the position or industry to help guide your decision making. 


View career videos of industry professionals sharing their job descriptions, backgrounds, and helpful advice to prepare for the position or industry.

Contact the Delbridge Career Center for access to our Career and Major Guides.

Promote yourself on paper

Whether you are pursuing a job or internship, or simply want to have your materials ready for future opportunities, the Career Center can help you craft professional and focused résumés and cover letters. When you make an appointment for your résumé, bring a list of work experience and extracurricular activities as well as a description of the tasks performed at each area of employment, and your Career Advisor will show you how to turn that list into a professional and engaging document.

Resume Guide
Cover Letter Guide
Professional Reference List

Take your career for a test drive

Western New England University has a network of more than 1,000 internship sites. Whether you would like to work with an organization in the Springfield area during the academic year, or intern at a hometown company, the Career Center will guide you through the application and interview process. Once you secure an internship, you will continue to work with the Career Center to complete required paperwork to receive academic credit for the experience.

Internship Site Highlights
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business
College of Engineering

Land Your First job

When you reach your senior year and start looking for a post-graduation job, the Career Center will demonstrate job search techniques and resources, and will also help you sharpen your letter and résumé, hold mock interviews, discuss professional attire, and share other job search resources.

handshake.png Handshake

Make sure you connect with the:
Kevin S. and Sandra E. Delbridge Career Center LinkedIn Page
Western New England University Alumni LinkedIn Page

Did you land your first job or acceptance to graduate school?  Email careercenter@wne.edu with the details.

Earn your next degree

Furthering your education in graduate school is a valuable investment in your career. The Career Center can provide help in all areas of graduate admissions from writing personal statements, researching graduate programs, and preparing for standardized testing and admission requirements. The process for preparing for graduate school should start before senior year.

Graduate and Professional School Resources