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About the Career Center

When is the Kevin S. and Sandra E. Delbridge Career Center open?
We are open on Mondays through Friday from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Appointments outside of these hours are available and can be made through your Career Advisor.

Do I need an appointment to meet with a career advisor?
Yes, it is the best way to ensure that you get the appropriate amount of time you need. Make an appointment by:

  • logging into Handshake
  • emailing careercenter@wne.edu
  • calling 413-782-1217
  • stopping by the Career Center on the second floor of the St. Germain Campus Center.

Will a Career Center representative speak to my organization or club?
Yes, we are available to give a wide variety of presentations related to career development. Please call 413-782-1217 or email careercenter@wne.edu schedule a visit.

I have an interview and I do not know what to expect. What do I do?
Make an appointment with your Career Advisor. We will prepare you for questions that you potentially will be asked in the process and coach you on how to respond. Mock interviews can be recorded so you are able to view your verbal and non-verbal responses.

Is there a test I can take that will tell me what I should major in or what careers are available for my major?
No, but we do offer various assessments that will help you better understand yourself and assist you in exploring your career options. Make an appointment to meet with your Career Advisor today!


What is Handshake?
Handshake is the Delbridge Career Center's online career portal, where internships, part-time and full-time positions are posted exclusively for Western New England University students and alumni. Handshake is your source for signing up for Campus Interviews, scheduling to attend our Career Events and much, much more.

Log in to Handshake today!

How often should I update my profile in Handshake?
We suggest you review and make any necessary changes to your profile every semester.

I found a job/internship I want on Handshake. How do I apply?
Follow the employer's instructions for applying, which can be found in the job announcement. Make an appointment or stop by the Career Center if you have questions.

How do I find an on-campus job?
The Office of Human Resources coordinates our on-campus student employment program. 

Professional Documents (Résumés, Cover Letters, References)

Is there someone who can look over my résumé?
Yes, you can schedule an appointment to have a counselor review your résumé. Either upload your résumé to Handshake, email it to your career advisor prior to your meeting, or bring your résumé on a flash drive. We DO NOT write the résumé for you, rather we offer suggestions for improvement.

Do I have to put my GPA on my résumé?
It is not required, but if you choose to do so, we recommend that it be at least a 3.0 or higher. However, if you are majoring in accounting, it is strongly recommended.

How long should my résumé be?
One to two pages maximum.

How many references should I have?
The standard is three but always refer to the job announcement for clarification.

Should I put my references on my résumé?
No, your references go on a separate document. The only exception to this is if you are applying for a teaching (primary or secondary education) position, in which case your references go on your résumé.

Do I have to do a cover letter?
Whenever you apply directly to an employer you should ALWAYS include a cover letter. This is your opportunity to show the employer how you are qualified and what value you will bring to the organization.

What is a Curriculum Vitae?
A CV (curriculum vitae) can be described as a longer, more detailed résumé with a more academic focus. A resume describes what you have been responsible for and what you have accomplished by outlining your academic, work, volunteer, and extracurricular experiences and skills. While résumés must do this on a single page for undergraduates and recent graduates, a CV allows you the opportunity to go into much greater detail about your academic experiences and skills.

Academic Internships/Employment/Graduate School

Why should I do an internship?
Internships give you the opportunity to receive "hands on" experience in your field of study. There is the possibility that the internship would lead to a full-time job after graduation. Most employers are looking to hire graduates who had relevant work experience while they were in college.

I need to complete an academic internship for my major or I would like to register for an academic internship, what do I do?
Make an appointment to meet with your career counselor. Your career advisor will walk you through the process which includes, updating your résumé, identifying academic internships in Handshake, the interview process, and the application process.

Does the Career Center place me into a job after graduation?
No, we are not a placement office. However, we can provide you with various job searching tools and strategies and walk you through the process.

Are their Career Fairs on Campus?
Yes in the Fall and Spring semesters the Career Center coordinates career fairs on campus. Visit the Current Events page for more details.

Can someone help me fill out my application to graduate school?
Yes, we do assist students with the application process.