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Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to a member of the full-time faculty in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, or Engineering who best exemplifies excellence in teaching. The nominee must have made a distinct difference in the teaching climate of the University in one or more of the following ways:

  • Model teaching or instructional support
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Cocurricular efforts, mentorship, campus leadership

Each year there is a Teaching Excellence Award committee consisting of three students, three alumni, and three faculty members (previous award recipients). The faculty members of the committee review nominations that are collected from the campus community and identify a selection of finalists. Then the campus is called upon to provide statements of support for the finalists. Finally, the full committee reviews campus input and materials submitted by each finalist to select the annual award recipient. The award is presented at Commencement.


Past Award Recipients

2022 - Michael Rust, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
2021 - Hillary Bucs, Professor of Theatre
2020 - Jennifer Beineke, Professor of Mathematics
2019 - Meri Clark, History
2018 - John Burke, Electrical Engineering
2017 - Steven Northrup, Electrical & Computer Engineering
2016 - Robert T.T. Gettens, Biomedical Engineering
2015 - Anne Poirot, Chemistry              
2014 - Peter Fairman, Political Science                                          
2013 - Jessica Carlson Outhouse, Psychology                           
2012 - Jonathan Beagle, History            
2011 - Eric Haffner, Industrial Engineering                
2010 - Harvey Shrage, Business                            
2009 - Chris Hakala, Psychology                    
2009 - Curt Hamakawa L'83, Sport Management        
2008 - Sheralee Tershner, Neuroscience    
2007 - Sharianne Walker, Sport Management                
2006 - John S. Baick, History                                  
2005 - Thomas J. Vogel, Business
2004 - Stephen C. Crist, Electrical Engineering
2003 - Lisa M. Hansen, Mathematics
2002 - John Coulter, Accounting
2001 - Martha Garabedian, Spanish
2000 - Alfred T. Ingham, Criminal Justice
1999 - Theodore South, History
1998 - Richard R. Veronesi '61, Mechanical Engineering
1997 - Marilyn K. Pelosi, Business
1996 - Richard S. Pelosi, Mathematics
1995 - Ann Kizanis, Mathematics
1995 - Peter W. Hess, Management
1994 - James V. Masi, Bioengineering
1993 - Dennis J. Kolodziejski, Psychology
1992 - Henry Bazan, Business Management
1991 - Dennis M. Luciano, Mathematics