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Tips from WNEU Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

“Teaching by the (Baker’s) Dozen”


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Teaching International & Multilingual Students

WNEU International Student & Scholar Services Webpage


Educating a Diverse Nation - Lessons from Minority-Serving Institutions
Authors: Clifton Conrad & Marybeth Gasman



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Past Faculty & Staff Workshop Resources

September 2018, A Look at Trends in High Schools, Their Impact on the Class of 2022, and Why They Matter to Us
Raymond Ostendorf, Assistant Professor of Education

April 2017, Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment for Trans Students
Genny Beemyn, Director, Stonewall Center, UMass Amherst
March 2017, What does the NSSE mean for WNEU?
Josephine Rodriguez, Director of Assessment
Dr. Lisa Hansen (Mathematics)
NSSE Snapshot

January 2017, Writing Assignments that Help Students Succeed
Edward Wesp, Associate Professor, Director of Composition

October 2016, Once Few, Now Many…Teaching and Mentoring International Students
Dr. Meri Clark, Director of International Studies
Katie Ahlman, International Student Coordinator
Sophia Rios, Assistant Director for Academic Support Initiatives
Dr. Robert Gettens, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
- The rapidly growing international student population at Western New England brings with it specific challenges in teaching and mentoring. This session is designed to help faculty learn more about our international students and how to address common situations (communication, academic integrity, and group work) when working with them in and out of the classroom.

September 2016, Managing Groups and Teams in the Classroom
Dr. Robert Gettens, 2016 Teaching Excellence Award Recipient
- Problem and project based learning techniques have proven to be extremely effective pedagogical approaches. Using these approaches necessitates group and team work in and out of the classroom. This session will focus on working with teams as an instructor and guide. The interactive workshop will include team formation, managing teams, elements of effective teams and assessment of teamwork in the classroom.
Team Player Survey

February 2016, Quick and Powerful Active and Collaborative Learning Techniques
Dr. Jennifer Mallory and Dr. Liang Niestemski

- In this workshop, Dr. Mallory and Dr. Niestemski share some simple, yet very effective, techniques to transform a traditional lecture into a student-centered active and collaborative one.
Letters for Polling Class    

Name Randomizer

January 2016, Open Ended, Real-World, Student-Centered Learning Modules for Nutrition and Pharmacy
Professor Jessica Rocheleau, Assistant Professor of Biology

- In this workshop, the idea of problem-based learning will be introduced and two different modules will be discussed. These modules promote active, group-based learning and use collaborative techniques to solve real-world problems.

November 2015, Student with Disabilities: Make it Easy on Yourself—and Them

Assistant Dean Bonni Alpert and Ms. Tabitha Mancini 
Transcript of Powerpoint Presentation      
Closed Captioning and Transcription Guidelines and Procedures 

September 2015, Message Received: What does Your Feedback ‘Say’ to Your Students?
Dr. Anne Poirot, 2015 Teacher of the Year recipient 

April 2015, Wellen Davison Seminar
Azekah Jennings, Community Relations Service, U.S. Department of Justice

March 2015, Tips for Engaging Students in Online Discussions
Professors Lynn Bowes-Sperry and Stacie Chappell
Lecture notes

February 2015, Tips for Engaging Students in Class Discussions
Professors Jonathan Beagle and Peter Fairman

Lecture outline

January 2015, Voice and Diction Workshop
Vice President for Marketing and External Affairs, Barbara Moffat

Good Diction Tips

December 2014, "How To" Session for the Flipped Classroom

Professor Alex Wurm's model for his Flipped Classroom.

Professor Burt Rosenman's Flipped Classroom model.

November 2014, Taste of Active Collaborative Learning/Problem Based Learning/Entrepreneurially Minded Learning: Learning Tools That You Can Use Now
Professor Rob Gettens, College of Engineering and Professor Harlan Spotts, College of Business.

October 2014, The Flipped Classroom: Making the Most of Class Time Through Interaction and Engagement
Professor Alex Wurm, Physics Department and Science Department Chair; Professor Burt Rosenman, Biology; and Professor John Coulter, Accounting Department Chair

View The Flipped Classroom lecture.