LAW 508-30 Lawyering Skills II

Lawyering Skills II is a required first-year course designed to introduce students to the essential problem-solving and communication skills of the legal profession. The legal research and writing faculty work closely with students in smaller classroom settings to introduce techniques of legal analysis, the basic sources and processes of legal research, and the principles of legal writing and oral advocacy. Through a series of assignments of increasing complexity, students learn how to analyze legal problems, research legal issues, frame legal arguments, and gain experience in drafting the major forms of predictive and persuasive legal writing. During the second semester, in Lawyering Skills II, students will focus on the role of lawyer as an advocate by focusing on persuasive writing and drafting. In this context, students will assume the role and professional obligations of a lawyer by drafting legal arguments and documents on behalf of clients. Students will write a trial brief and argue a dispositive motion in a trial court simulation. Students will continue to receive individualized feedback throughout the semester. (required course; graded; two-credits) (prerequisite: successful completion of Lawyering Skills I)