LAW 784-46 Criminal Procedure Survey

In this course, we will explore the constitutional rules that control the behavior of police officers when they investigate crime and prosecute criminal defendants. Specifically, this course will survey the impact of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments on police investigations and also analyze the ways in which constitutional guarantees of due process, equal protection, and trial by jury impact criminal prosecutions. To this end, this course will provide an overview of criminal procedure issues arising during police investigation, arrest, prosecution, trial and post-conviction NOTE: Students who take this course may NOT also take either Criminal Adjudication or Criminal Investigation. Although this course will touch on some of the topics in Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Criminal Procedure: Adjudication, not all of these subject areas will be reviewed. For this reason, this course is intended for students who do not intend to practice Criminal Law, but want an introduction to criminal procedure. Students planning to practice criminal law or who have a significant interest in the field should consider taking both the Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Criminal Procedure: Adjudication courses, which together provide a more in-depth study of criminal procedure law.