LAWE944-44 Small Business Clinic and Seminar

The Small Business Clinic provides students with the opportunity to handle legal matters for small business clients under the supervision of the professor. Students work on transactional legal matters that are typical in the start-up phase of a business including entity formation, trademark, contract drafting, employment law and regulatory compliance. The goal of the clinic is to expose students to the methodology and mindset of business lawyering. Law students work with the entrepreneurs to identify the legal issues new businesses confront. Clinic students participate in weekly one-on-one meetings with the professor, meetings with clients (often in the evenings) and participation in walk-in legal assistance. The clinical component will involve client interviewing, assessment and intake, along with legal research, drafting, and counseling as the situation requires. In an effort to operate the clinic as close to an actual law firm as possible, students are required to maintain client billing records through use of the clinic's time/document management software. Students are also required to attend a regularly scheduled weekly seminar meeting. Finally, students are expected to attend two full days of a mandatory orientation prior to the start of the semester. Prerequisites: LAW 551 Business Organizations. The clinic is open to students who have successfully completed 28 hours of law studies and who have been selected through the clinic application process. This clinic/externship is a Restricted Withdrawal Course. See Academic Standard Section 204 and the Clinic and Externship materials for the applicable time restrictions and policies A student may not simultaneously enroll in more than one clinic, more than one externship, or a clinic and an externship. (Credits may be applied toward Transactional Law Practice concentration.)