LAWE996-04 Real Estate Practicum and Seminar

In the Real Estate Practicum, selected students are placed with real estate practice and title companies. Placements are done as a member of a two-person team. One member of the team is initially placed with a real estate attorney specializing in residential real estate, the other with an attorney at a title insurance company. Each team member works for six weeks with one attorney or the other and then switches in the middle of the semester. In both placements, students work on a variety of title, closing, contract and related problems and will observe the operation of a law office and the interaction with clients, staff and other real estate professionals (brokers, lenders, appraisers, and surveyors. In addition to the field placement, students attend a regularly scheduled weekly seminar meeting. The seminar will have required readings and discussions frequently featuring presentations by experts in different aspects of real estate transactions. Prerequisites: One of the following courses: Conveyancing, Real Estate Survey, and Municipal and Land Use Law. With prior instructor approval and in limited circumstances, students will be permitted to complete the prerequisite concurrently with the Practicum. Additionally, students will be required to complete two additional on-line modules prior to enrolling in the practicum. A student must have successfully completed 28 hours of law studies and been selected through the clinic application process. This clinic is a Restricted Withdrawal Course. See Academic Standard Section 204 and the Clinic and Externship materials for the applicable time restrictions and policies. A student may not simultaneously enroll in more than one clinic, more than one externship, or a clinic and an externship. This course satisfies 4 experiential learning credits. (Credits may be applied toward Transactional Law Practice concentration.)