LAWEA816-04 Spanish for Client-Centered Lawyering

In this experiential learning course students will learn the skills necessary for bilingual Spanish-English legal practice. Through the lens of client-centered lawyering, the goal of this course is to support students in developing the skills and cultural competency to effectively represent Spanish-speaking clients by improving their ability to interview Spanish-speaking clients and explain complex legal concepts in several areas of practice including immigration and asylum law, family law, criminal law, and housing law. This course is open to any student who has completed a Spanish 101 course whether formally (for example, two semesters in university) or informally (a study abroad program, or growing up in a Spanish-speaking household). All are encouraged to join as the exercises and at-home work are tailored to all levels of Spanish. Participation in this course will include answering questions, assisting other students, and reading out loud. All reading materials for this course have been prepared by the instructor and will be available online.