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There are a number of scholarship opportunities available to returning students. 

Important Information for Donor Sponsored Scholarships

1. Read the list of scholarships available to returning students and submit the 2022-2023 scholarship application form.
2. Please attach a copy of your resume with your completed application.
3. Submit completed application and resume electronically to Aubrey Foy at aubrey.foy@law.wne.edu, no later than Friday May 27, 2022.
4. Please type your name in the signature box at the end of the application form. (This gives the School of Law and Enrollment Services permission to use the information you provided to determine your scholarship needs).
5. File a current application (FAFSA Renewal Form) for financial aid with Enrollment Services. 

You may be eligible for either a donor sponsored scholarship or a scholarship from an outside organization.  Please view the two types of scholarships in the links below.