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Faculty Expertise: Speaking Engagements

The Western New England University School of Law Speakers Bureau brings legal expertise on cutting-edge issues to your campus. Our faculty boasts award-winning legal minds, who make a difference locally, nationally, and across the globe. We welcome the opportunity to engage your students in a discussion of the legal issues they want to learn about and how law school can help them fulfill their goals.

The purpose of the Bureau is to help students learn how their law school education can help them make an impact on issues they care about.

Our speakers can present talks that explore such questions as:

  • How does marijuana legalization impact state law and local communities?
  • How does international and human rights law affect people globally and locally?
  • What are the rights of immigrants under the Trump administration?
  • What role does Title IX have in securing equal rights in education?
  • What are the limits of a president’s power?
  • How is the current administration handling national security threats?
  • What legal issues do today’s small businesses face?
  • How does our child welfare system protect children?
  • What does it mean to have a death with dignity?

You can request a speaker by contacting Law Admissions at admissions@law.wne.edu.

Selected Recent Presentations

  • Bridgette Baldwin

    Ph.D. Northeastern University, J.D. University of Wisconsin Law School, B.A. Marquette University

    Doctor Baldwin is an expert on criminal law, criminal law reform, and critical race theory, and writes and speaks on civil rights issues.

  • Erin Buzuvis

    J.D. Cornell Law School, B.S. University of New Hampshire

    Professor Buzuvis is a nationally renowned scholar and speaker on matters related to Title IX’s mandate for gender equity in educational institution and on sports, gender, and the law. She is often cited in national newspapers like the New York Times for her expertise.

  • Lauren Carasik

    J.D. Northeastern University Law School, B.A. Earlham College

    Professor Carasik, who heads the School of Law’s Global Justice Clinic and writes commentary for publications such as Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy, works in a range of human rights areas, including the impacts of US foreign policy in Central America.

  • Justin Dion

    J.D. Western New England University School of Law, M.A. Southern Connecticut State University, B.A. Southern Connecticut State University

    Professor Dion, who directs the School of Law's Bar Success Programs, can speak about how hacking and data breaches affect all of us, and efforts to protect individuals from identity theft. He can also speak on consumer protection more generally, housing discrimination, nonprofit business law, pension rights, and trusts and estates.

  • Harris Freeman

    J.D. Western New England University School of Law, B.A. University of Florida

    Professor Freeman litigates immigration defense cases, and has spoken widely on the issues of recent immigration enforcement measures as well as the impact of the suspension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

  • Eric Gouvin

    LL.M Boston University School of Law, J.D. Boston University School of Law, M.P.A. Harvard University, B.A. Cornell University

    Professor Gouvin is a widely recognized scholar and speaker in business law and the issues facing small businesses and entrepreneurs. He also speaks on applying to law school and becoming a lawyer, and ghosts and the law (seriously, it’s not a joke!).

  • Jeanne Kaiser

    J.D. Western New England University School of Law, M.S. State University of New York at Buffalo, B.A. State University of New York at Buffalo

    Professor Kaiser is a scholar and active litigator with regard to the child welfare system, including foster care, adoption, the rights of parents, and the rights of children. She also teaches and lectures on the importance of writing to the legal profession and how to improve one’s writing.

  • Jennifer Levi

    J.D. University of Chicago Law School, A.B. Wellesley College

    Professor Levi, the 2018 recipient of the ABA’s Stonewall Award, has spoken widely on her active role in litigating precedent-setting cases establishing basic rights for LGBT people, including the right of same-sex couples to marry, a transgender student’s right to attend school, and the recent efforts to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

  • Barbara Reich

    J.D. Harvard Law School, B.A. Union College

    Professor Reich is a nationally recognized scholar who can speak about complex issues surrounding health law, bioethics, and the multitude of legal issues surrounding end-of-life care.

  • Fred Royal

    J.D. Cornell Law School, B.A. University of Massachusetts

    Professor Royal is an expert on tax law, and can speak about the federal, state, local, and individual impact of the recent tax reform.

  • Bob Statchen

    LL.M Boston University School of Law, J.D. Chicago-Kent College of Law, M.B.A. University of Connecticut, B.A. Clark University

    Professor Statchen, who runs the School of Law’s Small Business Clinic, writes and speaks about economic justice and development issues. He has also litigated immigration cases in conjunction with the ACLU of western Massachusetts.

  • Julie Steiner

    J.D. Boston University School of Law, B.A. Syracuse University

    Professor Steiner has spoken frequently to interested groups and the media on the legal impact of states legalizing marijuana while the federal government has not.

  • Jennifer Taub

    J.D. Harvard Law School, B.A. Yale University

    Professor Taub is an expert on “follow the money” matters including banking law, securities regulation, white collar crime, and public corruption. An authority on the 2008 mortgage meltdown and related financial crisis, Taub is also an expert in white collar crime. She has testified before congressional committees and appeared on cable news programs including MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN Newsroom.

  • Timothy Webster

    L.LM Cornell Law School, J.D. Cornell Law School, M.A. Yale Univerity, B.A. Yale University

    Professor Webster is an international scholar. He has presented his research in French, Japanese, and Mandarin to over 150 conferences, symposia, and workshops in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. He has testified before Congress, and written for local, national, and international media. Webster chairs or has chaired interest groups for the American Society of International Law, American Association of Law Schools, Asian Society of International Law, and the American Society of Comparative Law, where he currently serves on the Executive Committee. He edits various international and comparative law journals, and is a member of the U.S.-Japan Network for the Future, and Public Intellectuals Program of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.