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List of Courses: Summer 2023

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LAW 721 Environmental Law [Details]
LAW 721 Description

This course is an intensive study of the major pollution control programs in the United States, including the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund. In addition to the general characteristics shared by each, the course will consider several recurring issues of the administrative state, namely the interpretation of complex and programmatic statues, the nature of administrative authority, and litigation strategies within statutory regimes generally. (Credits may be applied toward Transactional Law Practice concentration.)

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 3 View Tu,Th 6 PM-8:45 PM/Room. BLC A Eve Julie Steiner
LAWWA705 Investigations & Exonerations [Details]
LAWWA705 Description

When errors occur in the criminal justice process, innocent people lose their freedom and sometimes their lives. The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the imperfections and systemic errors within the criminal justice system which often lead to wrongful convictions. Students will be exposed to the issues of mistakes and misconduct by law enforcement, witnesses, lawyers, and judges. Mistakes occur due to false confessions, witness misidentifications, racial bias, and ineffective assistance of counsel. These errors result in Constitutional rights violations and individuals being wrongfully convicted. Cases illustrating such errors and eventual exonerations will be examined throughout the semester. There are organizations that are working to overturn these wrongful convictions, specifically The Innocence Project. An examination of this organization?s work and what can be done by others to reduce the injustice will be done during the semester. Writing assignments for this course will include a letter to legislatures regarding the steps that need to be taken to reduce wrongful convictions and speed up the exoneration process. Additionally, students will write a brief on a case in which an individual is wrongfully convicted. Students will have the opportunity to write a draft of the brief and get constructive criticism, feedback from the professor, and have an opportunity to re-write the paper for the grade. Students will also present their client?s case.

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View Tu,Th 6 PM-7:50 PM/Room. BLC 3 Eve Mary Hiser
LAWW678 Legal Writing and Analysis I [Details]
LAWW678 Description

This limited-enrollment, two-credit course is designed to provide in-depth training in legal reasoning for law school exams, the bar exam, and legal practice. This course is intended to benefit students who wish to improve their legal analysis skills; improve their exam performance; and prepare for bar-related performance exams. The course will encourage students to learn how to apply substantive law in the context of performance tests. This course addresses how to prepare for and take essay and performance exams; prepare a course study outline; synthesize and formulate a rule of law from one or more legal authorities; place a rule in a rule-structure; analyze application of the rule to a set of facts; and organize legal discussion of that analysis. Students will receive guidance and feedback on all written work from the professor about ways to improve their legal reasoning skills. The final grade is based on two performance exams and other small projects, assignments, and quizzes. A significant portion of this elective course content is material that may be tested on the UBE Bar Exam.

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View Tu,Th 8 PM-9:50 PM/Room. BLC C Eve Zachary Broughton
LAW 665 Mergers & Acquisitions [Details]
LAW 665 Description

This course will focus on both the business and legal elements of merger and acquisition activities. It will offer a comprehensive overview of the strategic and financial issues as well as the legal necessities involved in the process. Specifically, we will review the current M&A issues around venture capital backed companies, private equity backed companies and publicly traded companies. We will explore the valuation methodologies, term-sheet structures, deal structure considerations (asset vs. stock), negotiation tactics, compliance with federal and state laws and tax implications of M&A transaction structures. Some specific content will include dealing with the implications of debt, the treatment of stock preferences/classes as well as other issues such as stock options, management carve outs, drag-along rights and the need for shareholder or SEC approval. Class activities will include lectures, cases studies, simulations and guest speakers. The rubric will be based on several field research assignments, a small team project and a final exam. (Credits may be applied towards the Transactional Law Practice concentration.)

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View M,W 8 PM-9:50 PM/Room. BLC B Eve Michael Nicastro
LAW 772 Nonprofit Law [Details]
LAW 772 Description

Over the past several decades, the nonprofit sector has grown dramatically in wealth and prominence. This seminar examines the rationales, structures, and controversies related to nonprofit organizations and philanthropy in the United States. We will examine: (a) the state and federal requirements for obtaining exemption from otherwise applicable taxes; (b) the roles of nonprofits organizations posited by economic, political, and historical vantage points; (c) the legal purposes and framework of these organizations?including the advantages of the nonprofit form (e.g. whether tax-exemption is justified) and the restrictions on the type of commercial and political activity in which they can engage; and (d) the controversies surrounding the nonprofit sector, with particular emphasis on the ethics of giving, the oversight roles played by boards of directors, state authorities, and federal regulators, and questions of accountability and performance.

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View Tu,Th 8 PM-9:50 PM/Room. BLC B Eve Robert Statchen
LAW 575 Professional Responsibility [Details]
LAW 575 Description

This course examines the ethics of lawyering and the various roles of the lawyer. We will discuss the nature and scope of the attorney's responsibilities and obligations to clients, society, and the administration of justice, the profession, and the self. It covers legal and ethical standards and aspirations relevant to regulating the conduct of lawyers and the development of professional ethics. (Required Course)

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View M,W 6 PM-7:50 PM/Room. BLC A Eve Aaron Dulles
LAW 817 Workplace Investigations [Details]
LAW 817 Description

A workplace investigation occurs when an employer, through an informal or formal complaint, learns of a potential policy or legal violation or crime being committed in the workplace. Employers are legally obligated to investigate complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other safety and ethical violations in a timely manner. A workplace investigation informs employment decisions and may uncover important evidence that could be used during a trial or other legal processes involving workplace violations. This course will review a broad range of situations in which investigations occur in the workplace, with a focus on workplace harassment claims. The objective of this course is to introduce students to workplace investigations through a legal analysis that is supported by case law and legal citations, as well as to discuss best practices in areas of investigation where the law remains unsettled. The course will conclude with each student preparing their own investigation report based on a fictional workplace harassment claim.

Section. Credits. Books. Time/Location D/E Professor.
41 2 View M,W 6 PM-7:50 PM/Room. BLC C Eve Donna-Rae Kenneally


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