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Careers in Pharmacogenomics

Personalized or precision medicine refers to using patient specific information to optimize their treatment. Pharmacogenomics is one aspect of personalized medicine that evaluates a patient’s genetic makeup and determines how that may affect their response to medication therapy.

The fields of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine are growing fast, with a number of traditional and innovative career opportunities rapidly expanding as the costs of genetic tests decrease and more knowledge is gained about the potential for pharmacogenomics to transform patient care. 

Career opportunities for graduates

Graduates from our program can expect to follow a number of different career paths once they complete our program. Our curriculum was designed to provide solid foundational knowledge, as well as build a broad range of skills, so alumni can enter the workforce in various areas within the field, or continue their education to expand upon their expertise.

  • Laboratory researcher or technician – these types of positions could be at academic, government, or clinical institutions, as well as industrial pharmaceutical or genetic testing facilities to study how genetic variation effects response to medication, analyze genetic data, or to develop and perform genetic tests.

  • Clinical research – these types of positions could be at academic institutions or health care systems, as well as insurance companies to study the benefits of using genetic testing to optimize patient care.

  • Clinical implementation – these types of liaison or administrative positions, at clinical institutions that are implementing pharmacogenomics for their patients, serve as experts who are aware of all aspects of this process and can work closely with genetic counselors, physicians, and/or pharmacists.

  • Education – these types of consulting or academic positions are needed to educate students currently in professional clinical programs, as well as active clinicians who may not have received education in this field as students in the past.

One year in our program could help you find your niche

If you have considered a career in a clinical field or as a research scientist, getting a masters of pharmacogenomics could set you apart from the rest of students applying to these programs. Expertise in pharmacogenomics is compatible with a number of other fields, including pharmacy, genetic counseling, medical doctor, pharmacologist, geneticist, cancer biologist, and more. Combining the cutting edge field of pharmacogenomics with any of these could prepare you for a fulfilling and exciting career that revolutionizes patient care.

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