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The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers on-campus visit opportunities for high school groups and students from local community organizations to visit the Center for Pharmacy and the Sciences. High School Exploratory Workshops for Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy are offered throughout the year. During the visit, students will attend a campus and lab tour, and learn more about the pharmacy and occupational therapy professions. These visits are typically 3 hours in length and are scheduled as a group visit.

Let us Come to You

Workshops are also offered throughout the academic year at high schools and community student organizations. Information is presented at high schools within academic classes (preferable STEM) and after school clubs to share an interactive presentation about Pharmacy and/or Occupational Therapy, explaining top career paths within each profession, academic requirements, and starting salary information.  The workshops are free and are offered at a time most convenient to high school class schedules.

For information on how to schedule a group visit or a presentation in a high school class/club, please contact COPHS Admissions at 413-796-2113 or healthprofessions@wne.edu.

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