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  • Health, social justice, education programs impact the community

    WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill sat down with President Johnson recently for a wide-ranging discussion.

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  • Higher Education is at a Crossroads

    Our world is changing faster than ever before, and higher education must adapt or die. That's the message from Robert Johnson, President of Western New England University, and he's not alone.

    In our third episode of The Age Personalization Series Season 4, Robert explores the idea that personalization is key to higher education's survival. From active learning and new methods to formative assessment and skills training, he urges those in higher education to adopt new approaches if they want to remain relevant.

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  • Competing in the Next Economy

    National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers

    “The Council has always been ahead of the curve, on the right side of history, advising not only this country but the world on how we can do things better.”

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  • Good Trouble

    Podcast with King Boston and the Massachusetts Budget & Policy Center

    President Johnson was recently featured as a guest on the Good Trouble podcast titled: Education Will Never Be the Same. The Western New England University President was inspired by his late uncle and namesake, Robert E. Johnson Jr., associate publisher and executive editor of JET Magazine and Morehouse classmate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to help others build the future through education. Having led multiple institutions of various sizes, Dr. Johnson has an informed view of higher ed in a post-pandemic era. He shared his views on the future of learning and how we can be a part of a whole new world.

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  • 2021 National Competitiveness Forum

    Dr. Robert Johnson's appearance as part of the Council on Competitiveness “2021 National Competitiveness Forum” (NCF) from December 16, 2021.

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  • President Series: What is a new traditional university and why is the vision so vital?

    Interview with University Business Magazine

    Dr. Robert Johnson of Western New England University says the moment of reckoning has come for higher education. Will leaders look to the future or get stuck in the past?

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  • Personalization Outbreak

    Podcast with Glenn Llopis

    President Johnson was featured as a guest on the Personalization Outbreak podcast titled: Value Creation as a Mantra in Higher Ed. In this episode, Robert Johnson, President of the Western New England University, discussed why higher education institutions need to adapt the way they are preparing students to find jobs that don't exist and solve problems we haven't yet identified. 

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