Lean Six Sigma Green and Yellow Belt Certificates


In today’s competitive climate, the question is not whether you need Lean Six Sigma training, but when. With Lean Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt Certification from Western New England University, you’ll be ready.

Western New England University has partnered with Solomon EOS to launch a news series of online workshops for training in Lean Six Sigma methodologies starting in January 2021.

Add Value Through Immediate Application

Lean Thinking offers a disciplined approach to systems improvement that is key to saving money, improving quality and increasing customer satisfaction. Through these workshops, what you learn today can have immediate application to your work tomorrow and add measurable value to your organization. Here’s how:

  • Over a four-year period, the median payback for greenbelt led projects within a company is $150,000 per project in the first year. (source: University of Texas at Arlington)
  • Most Yellow/Green belt teams (3-4 members) can complete 4-5 LSS projects per year for a total of $750,000 annual savings.
  • Cost savings continue to pay back year after year. The savings don't disappear! 

Whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, or business, earning your certification will provide the skills you need to hear to the voice of the customer, identify critical to quality metrics, analyze existing systems for opportunities and deliver on improving those systems.

A Smart Investment in Your Future

Best of all, earning Lean Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt certification can heighten your profile and value within your organization, increase your earning potential, and position you for advancement opportunities. In fact, the National average salary range is $71,000 - $102,000 per year for Green Belt Certificate holders and $67,000 - $99,000 per year for Yellow Belt Certificate holders (source: salary.com).

Be sure to use to the WNE code: SEOS53 when enrolling. Apply below.

Exclusive! Online workshops or on-site training available by arrangement for groups of 10 or more employees from the same company.

Why Earn Your Certification

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