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Parking and Traffic

student / faculty / staff parking permit information

Obtaining a Parking Permit

Students and Staff apply for a parking permit through the University's Connect2U web portal, by navigating to "Campus Services", then "Public Safety", then pressing "Parking Permit". Alternatively, you can click the link below to be taken directly to the parking permit application.

Connect2U - Parking Permit Application

Fill out the form and submit the application. Stop by our office any time 24/7 and pick up your parking permit.

It is important to note that requesting your parking permit through Connect2U does not register your car with Public Safety until you physically pick up a parking permit and a permit number is assigned to you. You also will not be billed for your parking permit until you pick up the physical permit. 

The current cost for resident students is $100 per semester/$200 per year; commuter student permits cost $55 per semester/$110 per year. The cost of the permit will be billed directly to the student account. Public Safety employees are unable to accept in-person payment.

Displaying Student / Faculty / Staff Parking Permit

As written in the Western New England University's Parking Regulations, Section 5.04 states: All permits are to be properly affixed to windows as instructed:

Section 5.04.1 - Color coded parking decals are to be installed on the inside of the rearmost driver’s side window of the vehicle, (left side as if you are in the driver’s seat.) The entire permit must be completely visible, and not obscured. Soft-top Utility Vehicles and Convertibles may have the permit posted on the front windshield, driver’s side in the lower corner. Failure to display any permit properly will result in a fine.

Section 5.04.2 - Non-Resident Student decals must be affixed to the upper, center-most portion of the front windshield, near the rear-view mirror.

The image below illustrates the correct permit placement locations:

Parking Permit Locations

temporary and guest parking permit information

Obtaining a Temporary Student / Faculty / Staff Parking Permit

The Public Safety Department issues temporary parking permits in accordance with the Western New England University Parking Regulations Section 5.07.

Temporary parking permits are required any time a vehicle is parked on campus without a traditional parking permit, unless explicitly posted. Temporary parking permits must be obtained in person at the Public Safety Department. Temporary Permits are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at the University Police station.

Students, Faculty, and Staff are permitted to obtain a temporary parking permit for a total of 5 cumulative days per school year. Temporary permits will be denied when the requestor has accumulated a total of 5 days with a single or multiple temporary permits, and must therefore purchase a traditional parking permit for their vehicle.

Issuance of Temporary Student / Faculty / Staff Parking Permits is based on the following criteria:

Section 5.07.1 - Need of a vehicle only while moving into/out of a residence, or for returning to / departing from the University for a holiday or semester break.

Section 5.07.2 - Use of a temporary vehicle (e.g. rental car, parent or relative’s vehicle), while vehicle that has a current permit is being repaired.

Section 5.07.3 - Medical, educational, or professional reasons that require the student to have a vehicle on campus for up to 5cumulative days.

Section 5.07.4 - Or any other reason as permitted by the Chief of University Police or his designee.


Obtaining a Guest Parking Permit

Guest parking permits are issued in accordance with the Western New England University Parking Regulation Section 5.06. A guest parking permit can be obtained through the Public Safety Department and are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at the University Police station. Certain identification documents are required to obtain a guest parking permit.

The University Police currently require:

  • The host student's Western New England identification card
  • The guest's state-issued driver or vehicle operator license
  • The guest's state-issued vehicle registration certificate

Section 5.06 All guests of students who park vehicles on campus must register their vehicle with the University Police and obtain a guest parking permit for appropriate display on their vehicle. The WNE University Resident Student Housing Agreement, limits guests to two consecutive nights. Therefore, University Police will only issue a Guest Permit for up to three consecutive days (72 hours) per week. Guest vehicles are restricted to parking in designated areas assigned by the issuing officer or dispatcher. Any parking violation is the financial responsibility of the guest’s student host. Those not affiliated with the University, who receive five citations with in a 12-month period are subject to immobilization, towing, and impoundment until all fines are paid to the University.

Displaying Temporary / Guest Parking Permit

  • All temporary parking permits and guest parking permits issued by the Univeristy Police shall be displayed on the driver side of the vehicle's dashboard.
  • The permit shall be face up and free from obstructions.
  • Expired or altered temporary or guest parking permits shall be subject to enforcement action by University Police.
parking and traffic regulations

Parking within Designated Lots

According to the Western New England Parking Regulations, Section 7.02, All students with vehicles on campus are restricted to parking in a designated lot. Failure to park within the designated lot may result in a $25.00 citation being issued.

A student’s designated lot can be referenced with the current year Parking Map linked below:

Parking Map

7.02.1 - Commuter Lots (West Lot, Campus Center Lot, Rivers Lot, Sleith Lots) are restricted to Commuter students (and Law School Lots for Law Students) from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. After 5:00 PM and on weekends, these lots are unrestricted.

7.02.2 - Resident Lots (Gateway, Quad, Evergreen, and Southwood) are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week specifically for those residents.

7.02.3 - Exceptions – Law School Students residing in Gateway Village require only their Law School Decal and the Non-Resident Student state decal, if applicable, to park in Gateway Village.

7.02.4 - Staff Lots (East Lot, Campus Utilities Building Lots, Law Staff Lot, Evergreen Road by Plymouth Hall, the east portion of the West Lot, CAHLC side lot, and the designated area of the Quad Lot) are restricted from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm to vehicles bearing Faculty/Staff decals only. - The East Lot (staff lot behind D’AmourLibrary), is reserved for Faculty/Staff working in Emerson Hall, D’Amour Library, or the CSP whose vehicles bear a special blue hang tag specifically for that lot. Students and regular Faculty/Staff may park in these lots or areas after 5:00 pm and on weekends only. - The Faculty/Staff spaces in the Quad parking lot may be utilized after 5:00 PM and on weekends by Commonwealth, LaRiviere, and Plymouth residents only. Commuter students and residents of other areas on campus are prohibited from parking in these spaces at all times.

7.02.5 - Unrestricted Parking – Members of the University community may park their vehicle at any time in any of the three unrestricted lots so long as that vehicle bears any current and valid parking permit from Western New England University. These lots are marked as General Parking: The line of parking directly adjacent to the tennis courts, which runs from Evergreen Village to the alumni Healthful Living Center, the line of parking that runs along Evergreen Road from Plymouth Hall to Public Safety, and the parking lot directly behind the AHLC. Note that some spaces in these lots are marked and posted for handicap and Faculty/Staff. 

7.02.6 - Freshman Parking –Residents of Windham, Franklin, Hampden, and Berkshire Halls are restricted to parking in the General Parking Lot, located to the east of the AHLC.

Other Parking Regulations

A complete list of parking regulations can be found at the link below:

Complete List of Parking Regulations

common parking regulations

Regulation 7.03 - Handicapped Parking - $50.00 Fine Parking in handicapped spaces is restricted to those with proper vehicle ID, (either placard or license plate.) Vehicle handicap IDs must be in accordance with CMR 540.17 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulation or Ch. 90 § 2 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. Violations are subject to fines or towing at the owner’s expense. Students, faculty, and staff with valid handicap identification must also have current school-year parking permits on the vehicle.

Regulation 7.04 - Staff Parking - $25.00 Fine Faculty/Staff with the proper permit, may park their vehicles in areas posted and/or marked as “STAFF.” Students, student workers, and guests are prohibited from these spaces between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday unless otherwise posted. Staff parking at the Alumni Healthful Living Center is reserved during the hours the building is open. The East Lot is restricted between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to Faculty/Staff working in Emerson Hall, D’Amour Library, or the CSP whose vehicles bear a special blue hang tag specifically for that lot.

Regulation 7.05 - Reserved Parking - $25.00 Fine Any space, marked or posted with a person’s name, title, department, or marked “RESERVED”, is reserved 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Any vehicle not authorized to park in these spaces may be towed at the request of the person for whom the space is reserved and at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Regulation 7.06 - Visitor Parking - $25.00 Fine Any student, faculty, or staff member who parks their vehicle in a marked or posted space designated for Visitors, may be subject to a fine. These spaces are reserved for guests of the University on official business. A student visiting a building on campus does not qualify as a “Visitor.”

Regulation 7.07 - Non-Valid Parking Space - $25.00 Fine Any vehicle not parked appropriately between marked lines denoting a valid parking space, may be subject to a fine or towing at the owner’s expense. Violations may consist of but are not limited to parking in any roadway, any fire lane, upon any unpaved or unmarked surface.

Appealing a Parking / Traffic Citation

Every parking and traffic citation may be appealed no later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date the citation was written. citations submitted for appeal after 7 (seven) calendar days will be automatically rejected. Parking Regulation: 10.01

A citation appeal can be completed by written statement or verbal hearing using the form linked below.

Appeal Form

Written appeals require the submission of a typed or hand written narrative of facts related to the citation. Failure to complete the form will result in the appeal being denied.

Verbal appeals require an appearance of the violator at the hearing to discuss the facts of the violation. Those requesting verbal appeals will be notified of the date, time, and location of the traffic appeal. Failure to appear for a verbal appeal will result an automatic denial of the appeal.

If the appellate cannot attend the verbal hearing, then please contact the University Police prior to the hearing date.

The Traffic Appeals Board consists of several student peers led by the University Police's Parking and Traffic Officer. The date of the appeal hearing will be posted at the University Police station.

Written appeals will be decided after verbal appeals are heard. Upon completion of the hearing, notification by email will be made to all appellants regarding the outcome of their appeal. Verbal appellants will not be notified of the outcome at the time of the appeal, and will instead receive any email.

There are three possible outcomes for traffic appeals:

  • Not Responsible - The appellant is not responsible for any fines
  • Responsible - The appellant is fully responsible for all fines
  • Partially Responsible - The appellant is responsible for only a portion of the fines.

The outcome of an appeal is final and there is no further appeals process. If there is any questions regarding the outcome of an appeal, please contact the parking and traffic officer.