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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Connecting Living And Learning

We in the Division of Student Affairs recognize that student learning is the essence of our mission. Everything we do is, in some way, to support student learning and we work hard to ensure that this is a reality. At Student Affairs, we provide many programs and workshops that aid in these efforts.

One of the most visible aspects of our campus is the community atmosphere that is apparent everywhere. Each residence hall has its own sense of community and the various clubs, teams, and organizations have their own as well. Most importantly, we all feel part of the larger Western New England University community. All of the Student Affairs staff members play an integral role at developing community among our students.

An important part of our community is that we respect our cultural differences. Every opportunity we have to do this helps us all to recognize and value each other's backgrounds. It is essential that we learn to celebrate our differences, and that's exactly what we do in the Division of Student Affairs.

The Division of Student Affairs staff members are committed to helping each student to be the best that they can be and to develop their potential fully. Therefore, we take pride in helping students discover where exactly their interests and abilities lie. Then we help and encourage students to maximize their potential.

As we develop and implement programs and policies in Student Affairs, we are very student-centered in our approach. Being student-centered means that students are almost always asked to give input and to be part of committees and task forces that are formed to develop policies, services, and programs. It also means that we constantly consider what will be best for students as we do our work.