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BOLD Media

BOLD Media is the collective of student media organizations at Western New England University. The student organizations that comprise BOLD Media include:

Print Media
  • The Westerner - Newspaper
  • The Review of Art and Literature - Literary Magazine
  • The Cupola - Yearbook
Broadcast Media
  • Golden Bear Television - Video Creation and Editing
  • WNEK "The Voice" - Radio

BOLD Media Organizations

  • The Westerner

    Student Newspaper

    For the budding journalist or the opinionated commentator, The Westerner is the campus newsroom. This student-run newspaper will hone your journalistic skills by allowing you to report on events on campus during the school year. The Westerner also publishes results of varsity sports games and commentary about special interest topics. The Westerner looks to serve important and fun pieces that will both entertain and inform the campus. Read the latest articles from The Westerner!

  • The Review of Art and Literature

    Literary Magazine

    The Review of Art and Literature is a club dedicated to keeping the arts alive in a fun and exciting way. As a member, you will help produce a magazine for the campus community to enjoy. This involves creating an eye-catching cover for the publication, as well as collecting literary and artistic submissions from students, faculty, staff, and alumni for inclusion. Additionally, the organization holds annual arts programs to spread awareness of artistic expression.

  • The Cupola


    The Cupola Yearbook covers it all: programs, sports, events, accomplishments, and more! The Yearbook plans an entire academic year to create over 100 pages of cherished memories for soon-to-be alumni and families for years to come. If you want to make your mark and make sure you do not forget a single moment of the time you spend at Western New England University, the Cupola is for you.

  • Golden Bear Television

    Video Creation and Editing

    Golden Bear Television (GBTV) is the official student-run television production team of Western New England University. The purpose of Golden Bear Television is to educate, entertain, and enlighten the campus community regarding on and off-campus events, activities, news, and opinions. Golden Bear Television provides students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience they need to go into the production and the post-production worlds, as well as offering practical experience for those interested in marketing, advertising, programming, technology, and more! Golden Bear Television live streams events and works to highlight the greatest parts of Western New England University. Watch their videos and log on to watch their upcoming live-streamed event!

  • WNEK "The Voice"


    If you’re the next Ryan Seacrest or Elvis Duran, the student-operated radio station of Western New England is the perfect place to hone your craft. WNEK "The Voice" is a center for creativity and media production. WNEK provides a learning environment for students who are interested in radio broadcasting, DJing events, and podcasting. WNEK streams 24 hours a day and almost always has live entertainment, with creative playlists and reruns to round out their rotations. If you have something to say, they have the means to make your message heard. Listen to WNEK live!