Students walking on campus

Representatives to the University Faculty Senate

College of Arts & Sciences:

Meri Clark, Professor of History
Kelly Klingensmith, Associate Professor of English
Jason Seacat, Professor of Psychology
Sheralee Tershner, Professor of Neuroscience
Nolan Samboy, Associate Professor of Physics (Alternate)

College of Business:

Jeanie Forray, Professor of Management (Chair, University Senate)
Ausher Kofsky, Associate Professor of Accounting
Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Professor of Management (Alternate)

College of Engineering:

Said Dini, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth Lee, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kourosh Rahnamai, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Alternate)

College of Pharmacy:

Melissa Mattison, Clinical Associate Professor of Community Care
Ellen Rainville, Assistant Director of Occupational Therapy Program
TBD (Alternate)

School of Law:

Eric Gouvin, Professor of Law
Robert B. Statchen, Associate Clinical Professor of Law
Bridgette Baldwin, Professor of Law (Alternate)