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What's a good way to gauge a friendly campus? It's all about the doors. Seriously. When you take a campus tour, don't just pay attention to your friendly tour guide, but observe the current students. One thing visitors frequently notice is that "Everyone holds doors open for you here." Why is that such a big deal? Because this small gesture is representative of the students, faculty, and staff who are genuinely welcoming and caring to both visitors and fellow members of our community. While they may take a moment to hold a door open for you (even if they are running late), they also open doors to understanding, networking, international travel, graduate opportunities, and first jobs.

Want To Find Your Niche? Join The Club!

From the Gay/Straight Alliance to the Global Sustainability Club, we offer more than 70 student clubs and organizations to help you find people who share your interests and passions.

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A Supportive Atmosphere For Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life on campus values the spiritual growth of our students as a vital part of their development, welcoming them to an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion that allows each to embrace a personal truth and to understand the truth of others.

Spiritual Life