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Student Complaint Procedure

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Western New England University is committed to the quality of our students’ learning. If students who are enrolled in an online program or class have an issue with any element of their online learning experience, they are encouraged to contact the course instructor or the specific office/department in which the student is having the issue. For example, a billing issue would be handled by Student Accounts and an issue with technology would be directed to the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Instructor contact information should be readily available in the course’s Kodiak or TWEN classroom.

If the student does not believe the course instructor or appropriate office/department facilitated an adequate resolution to the issue, the student should fill out the electronic Student Complaint Form. 

Once the student electronically submits the Student Complaint Form, the form will be delivered to the Office of the Provost. The Provost will evaluate the complaint. If the Provost deems the complaint to have merit, the Provost will forward the complaint to the Dean of the respective College/School along with the Provost’s recommendation on how to resolve the issue. In the alternative, if the Provost does not believe the complaint has merit, the Provost will write to the student filing the complaint with an explanation as to the Provost’s rationale for the dismissal of the Complaint.

In cases where the Provost has forwarded the complaint to the Dean, the Dean will work with the student to achieve an amicable resolution. Resolutions include but are not limited to: the Dean, or their designee, mediating the issue with the course instructor and the student, the Dean, or their designee, working with OIT to provide the proper technical support, the Dean, or their designee. working with Student Accounts in resolving billing issues, or the Dean, or their designee, may refer the student to other campus resources (i.e. Counseling Services, Student Accessibility Services, tutoring, or the Math or Writing Center).

Once the issue has been rectified, the Dean of the respective School/College will author a letter to the Provost which memorializes which corrective actions were taken to resolve the complaint. The Office of the Provost will maintain records of the complaints and any resolutions.