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Graduate Engineering Supply Chain Certificate

Optimizing Global Logistics

Companies are continuously working towards aligning their operations with supply chain management solutions. This certificate provides the theory, principles, and implications of supply chain management relevant for today’s engineering. It is intended to provide students with an understanding of the strategic and tactical elements of supply chains. In particular this certificate is aimed for the engineer who is actively engaged in supply chain management and decision-making.

The certificate consists of four 3-credit courses. Each course is in-class/online hybrid that enables students to participate either fully online, fully in-class or any combination of the two. Course Credits earned are transferable to other graduate certificates as well as a future master’s degree if: 1) transferred within 6 years, 2) grade is B or greater.

Study Method: Online and optional evening in-class sessions
Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer
Coursework: 12 credits

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