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Master of Science in Computer Science

Innovating Technology, Shaping the Future

New for January 2023

The field of Computer Science is constantly evolving as the relationship between everyday life and technology becomes more integrated. A Master of Science in Computer Science will prepare you to not only pave the way for technology of the future but also define its uses and impact.

Why choose the Master of Science in Computer Science?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it is essential for computer science professionals to be at the forefront of these changes as they happen, as well as make their own discoveries and contributions to the field. The MS in Computer Science program at WNE will offer you current insights into an increasingly specialized field through relevant courses that align with high demand skills in software engineering, including cutting-edge areas such as cybersecurity and AI/machine learning. With the knowledge and experience that you develop, you will be better positioned to progress with your career, especially if you aspire to be a manager.

What Will You Study?

You’ll take courses from the breadth of computer science, including seven core courses and three electives, allowing for specialization in desired areas. Courses include software engineering, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, and operating systems and networking, among others.

The program also includes a capstone course, which will involve a professional-level software project. As a part of this experience, you will work in teams using leading edge software technologies and will gain an understanding of both current software development techniques as well as management approaches.

Top Five Reasons to Choose The MS in Computer Science

Computer Science
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An Advanced Degree to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Bring a new dimension to your computer science skillset with a master’s degree from Western New England University. The MS in Computer Science program will teach you the advanced techniques and skills of high-technology industries, and how to apply them in research and project management.

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A Challenging Curriculum Designed for the Real World

You’ll develop advanced skills in cybersecurity and software engineering through a curriculum that is designed to be responsive to the demands of the field right now, with current technology in mind.

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Enhance Your Skills and Stay Relevant with Current Best Practices

Lifelong learning and staying current are essential in the field of computer science. The MS in Computer Science at WNE has been designed with this in mind. Our curriculum covers content that is in demand today, and will continue to evolve to address the needs of a rapidly changing job market.

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Experienced Faculty are Committed to Student Success

You’ll learn from expert faculty with outstanding academic credentials and published research in the field of computer science. Our professors are actively involved in improving participation in computing and identifying and applying active learning techniques that enhance student learning.

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Individualized Attention Through Small Classes

Our graduate classes average 20 students, maximizing your ability to interact with your professors, collaborate with classmates, and really absorb the advanced course materials.

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