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What are the academic requirements?

The requirements vary by college, but in most cases you'll be able to participate as long as you are in good academic standing. 

What are the costs?

Besides travel expenses, and possible differentials in costs of living, the costs are usually equivalent to what it costs to attend Western New England University for a similar time period.

What are the academic requirments?

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in study abroad opportunities. Students participating in year-long or semester-long study abroad programs must satisfy the specific grade point average required by the foreign university they will be attending.

To learn more, contact:

Dr. Marcus Davis
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Director of the Study Abroad Program
Phone: 413-782-1444Email: marcus.davis@wne.edu

Will I be able to retain my current Financial Aid?

In most case the answer is "yes," however, if a student falls behind in credits earned by failing classes he or she is subject to losing his or her financial aid.

Are internships available?

Internships and independent studies are available at most study abroad locations. For example, in London students have held internships at the BBC, the American Embassy, and in various British and American companies. For business students, these internships have proved to be immensely helpful. In the job market, nothing can beat firsthand experience. Please stop by the Dean's Office to learn about our International Internship program.

Which school year is this program available?

Students are allowed to study abroad during their second semester of their sophomore year providing they have earned a total of a 27 or more credits at Western New England University. 

Do I need to know a second language?

It is not imperative to know a second language in order to take part in the Study Abroad program, even if the host country you hope to study in does not speak English as its native tongue. Many classes are often taught in English. However, you may want to seek out opportunities to learn the native language. You can also choose programs that are specifically designed to improve your foreign language skills.

Where will I live?

A variety of housing options are available, ranging from university residences and apartments to living with host families, depending on the program.

As a resident student will I have housing upon my return?

To request housing while studying abroad, students use the same procedure that they would normally use to request housing. The Resident Life Office will be able to assist you.

Will the credits I earn count toward my degree audit?

The credits earned while abroad will be transferred the same as any credit earned at a different college. When choosing courses it is best to seek the help of a faculty member in charge of the Study Abroad program.  Be sure to have the classes you will take while abroad approved by your academic advisor before departure.