Five-year Bachelor/MBA Program
College of Business

Five-year Bachelor/MBA

Fast-Track to Success

Where do you want to be in five years? With a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree from Western New England University, you’ll be well prepared to make your mark in the business world. This challenging accelerated program is designed for highly motivated students. If you qualify, you can be conditionally admitted to the MBA program when you apply as a high school senior. If you maintain at least a 3.30 GPA in your undergraduate program, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) requirement will be waived.

All MBA courses are taught online with an option to meet in class for half of the eleven sessions in each course. These live sessions are held in the evening. That means beginning in your senior year, you can take the MBA courses entirely online, or choose to attend six live sessions during the 11-week graduate term. If you do not meet the GPA and SAT requirements as a freshman, you can still become involved in the fast-track program based on your grades and GMAT test scores.

1000+ internship sponsors
98% Class of '22 employed/offered employment within first 6 months

Unique Learning Opportunities Concentrations in Accounting & Leadership

The Master in Business Administration program offers concentrations in Accounting and Leadership. Through case studies, team-based projects, and consulting practicums, you will gain the leadership skills prized by top corporations. Both the bachelor's and MBA programs hone written and oral communication skills and place a strong emphasis on presentations.