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College of Business

Five-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership

Shaping Leaders for Tomorrow: Unlocking Your Potential

Is becoming a manager in your five-year plan? For those who aspire to lead, the Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program is designed to shape you into the leader you want to be. From ethics to organizational behavior theory, you’ll discover the best practices to lead an organization to success, as well as how to adapt them to your personal leadership style. The five-year program allows you to begin your master’s courses in your senior year, which saves both time and money. The blended program format offers Organizational Leadership courses online with optional in-class sessions, allowing you the flexibility to remotely pursue your studies on your own time.

Convenient online classes, coupled with multiple terms offered annually, will provide you with the flexibility to fit grad school into your schedule and accelerate the completion of your master’s degree. In the five-year program, you will enroll in your first graduate courses in your senior year. If you do not meet the GPA and SAT requirements as a freshman, you can still become involved in the fast-track program based on your grades and GMAT test scores.

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