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Five-year Bachelor/MS in Organizational Leadership

College of Business

Is becoming a manager in your five-year plan? For those who aspire to lead, the Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program is designed to shape you into the leader you want to be. From ethics to organizational behavior theory, you’ll discover the best practices to lead an organization to success, as well as how to adapt them to your personal leadership style. The Five-year program allows you to begin your master’s courses in your senior year, which saves both time and money. The blended program format offers Organizational Leadership courses online with optional in-class sessions, allowing you the flexibility to remotely pursue your studies on your own time.

All MS in Organizational Leadership courses are taught online with an option to meet in class for half of the eleven sessions in each course. These live sessions are held in the evening. Beginning in your senior year, you can take the MS in Organizational Leadership courses entirely online, or choose to attend six live sessions during the 11-week graduate term. If you do not meet the GPA and SAT requirements as a freshman, you can still become involved in the fast-track program based on your grades and GMAT test scores.

Admissions Requirements

This challenging accelerated program is designed for highly motivated high school students who typically have a GPA of 3.50 or higher and combined SAT Critical Reading and Math scores totaling at least 1200 (ACT 27) or higher. If you qualify, you can be conditionally admitted to the MS in Organizational Leadership program when you apply as a high school senior. If you maintain at least a 3.30 annual GPA overall, the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) requirement will be waived. If you do not meet the GPA and SAT requirements as an incoming freshman, you join the program in your senior year. You must maintain a GPA of at least 3.00 overall and on accounting courses, and obtain an acceptable GMAT score.


The MS in Organizational Leadership is designed to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills in order to hold leadership positions in an organization. You will be exposed to theories and best practices for problem solving, decision-making, and research, as well as identify your personal leadership style, strengths, and skills, and use them to impact your work. Courses include Leadership, Problem Solving, and Decision Making; Organizational Behavior and Theory; Leading Change; and Contemporary Issues in Leadership.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

As a member of the next generation of leaders, the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership will help you discover the types of leadership you are best suited to, learn how to lead an organization through times of change, and use critical thinking to make sound business decisions. Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or are currently a managing supervisor, you’ll find strategies to help you lead from wherever you are in your career.

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