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The Western New England University Pre-optometry program is a stepping-stone to becoming a valued caregiver in the field of optometry. Our three-year program provides an opportunity for qualified students to prepare for admission to the Doctor of Optometry degree program at the New England College of Optometry (NECO). After a successful admission to NECO, you will have the opportunity to be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Western New England and a Doctor of Optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry under our 3+4 articulation agreement.

Why Choose Pre-Optometry?

According to Vision Impact Institute research, 3 out of 4 people in the U.S. have vision correction, and of those people, 71% wear glasses and 22% wear contacts. Given these facts, optometrists play an important role in health and well-being in society today. Helping people to live well and work well makes optometry a rewarding and growing career path. Now you can begin your journey to becoming an optometrist through Western New England University.

What Will You Study?

In the Pre-optometry program, you will take courses in General Chemistry and Biology, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and especially Physics, as well as courses in the general liberal arts curriculum. With a strong emphasis on lab work, you will have access to the modern labs and equipment of the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy.


You will be mentored by outstanding faculty who has studied at such institutions as University of Massachusetts, Amherst and UMass Medical School; Dartmouth; Kent State; Brown University; Columbia; Yale; University of Oregon; and the University of Texas at Austin. Our distinguished science faculty conducts fascinating research, yet outstanding classroom teaching is always each professor's top priority.


NECO Affiliation Agreement

Read our Affiliation Agreement with Neco.

NECO Affiliation Agreement