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Jonathan P Seaver

Adjunct Faculty
Ph.D., Western New England University
M.S., Northeastern University
B.A. , University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Office: NECC Campus, Room 245
508-481-1015 (x3223)

Currently accepting students for advisement in the M.S. program in Applied Behavior Analysis for Fall 2023. Please email me at jseaver@necc.org if you are interested in me serving as your advisor for Fall 2023. 


I began working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder almost 19 years ago when I started as a teacher at The New England Center for Children (NECC) in Southborough, MA. During my time at NECC I have worked to assess and treat severe problem behavior, severe skill deficits, and problematic sleep patterns. My current research projects are in the area of verbal behavior, and I am also interested in developing strategies for long-term treatment and elimination of problem behavior, as well as research in the area of organizational behavior management and generalization of skills.


Journal Articles

Murray, C. M., Baruni, R. R., Kelly, M. P., Sheridan, D. J., & Seaver, J. P. (2022 ). Increasing novel toy play actions in children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities . The International Journal of Play

Seaver, J. P., Kelly, M. P., Baruni, R. R., & Murray C. M. (2022 ). Using concurrent reinforcement schedules and prompts to produce varied manding: A replication of Seaver and Bourret. . Behavioral Interventions

Jonathan P. Seaver & Jason C. Bourret (2020 ). Producing mands in concurrent operant environments . Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis ,53 , 366-384.

Glodowski, K. R., Bourret, J. C., Ivy, J. W., Seaver, J. P., Jackson, J., Stine, J. M., & Nuzzolilli, A. E. (2020 ). A comparison of token and tandem schedules of reinforcement on response patterns for adolescents with autism . Behavioral Interventions ,35 , 25-37.