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College of Arts and Sciences

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are active learners, educated to think critically, explore possibilities, and discover new solutions, whether it is a novel way to connect classic works of literature to contemporary issues or a cross-disciplinary collaboration to develop a pain-free blood sugar test. Our students make an impact on the world and often do so long before they graduate.

Through a liberal arts curriculum, supported by experiential and study abroad opportunities, undergraduate students gain knowledge in the natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. They graduate prepared to make contributions to their fields of study and to society.

Undergraduates can pursue nearly 30 majors and several time and tuition saving combined degree programs. In keeping with national trends, 25% of our students registered at Open House are undecided. Our Exploratory Program gives you the freedom to consider all of your options—a smart way to maximize your investment.

Our growing master’s and doctoral programs offer advanced education for teachers, communication specialists, and writers. Capitalizing on the breadth and diversity of the University’s academic offerings and our outstanding faculty, we are uniquely positioned to inspire students and to present numerous combined and accelerated programs. We are renowned for research, especially in the field of applied behavior analysis.

Inside the College of Arts and Sciences

Learn more about the College of Arts and Sciences and our blend of liberal arts and professional education, our outstanding facilities, exciting student and faculty research, and international programs.


Earn Scholarships for your Academic Performance

Western New England University offers merit scholarships and grants, ranging from $8,000 to $21,000 annually or $32,000 to $84,000 over four years.

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In The News

Follow the accomplishments of our learners, students, and faculty through news and events happening at the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Research and Scholarship

Research is integral to the programs of study at the College of Arts and Sciences. Our students work collaboratively among themselves, with faculty, and with the University's other Colleges to produce a wide-range of research. Undergraduates have opportunities to attend professional conferences where they often present their own scholarly work.

Outstanding Facilities

It's no wonder that a recent survey of incoming students cited our "Quality of Academic Facilities" as the top reason they chose Western New England University. Classrooms and labs for Arts and Sciences programs are among our most impressive.

Academic Facilities

Professional Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is your gateway to professional programs through offerings in Pre-Physician Assistant and Pre-Optometry.


Class of 2020 Outcomes

Survey Says...

In a survey of the College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2020, 95% were employed/offered employment within six months of graduation. Others were enrolled in graduate school.