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Student Video Tours

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Join real Western New England students for an exclusive virtual tour of our campus, which includes all of the best campus hotspots and hangouts. You’ll feel like you are right here with us, discovering what life is like as a Golden Bear and learning your way around campus.

Let Our Student Ambassadors Show You Around!

Student Life

College isn’t just about classes and homework—there’s plenty of time for fun activities and making memories! Taylor and Andrew show us some of the most popular places on campus for students to hang out at Western New England University. You’ll check out the Campus Center; Rivers Memorial Hall (including the studio for WNEK, our on-campus radio station); and the University Commons, which is home to our two story dining hall and other exciting food options.

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Residence Areas

Zoe and Khadijah will introduce you to your new home away from home at Western New England University. You’ll visit Southwood Hall, Evergreen Village, LaRiviere Living and Learning Center, Franklin Hall in the Quad, Commonwealth Hall, and Gateway Village and see why the college experience is best while living on campus!

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It's not just for athletes! Let Madi and Allie show you around the athletic facilities at Western New England University. Join them on tour at the Alumni Healthful Living Center (AHLC) and our athletics fields to see how Golden Bears get their game on!

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College of Arts and Sciences

Caleb and Zoe take you around campus for a look into everything Western New England University has to offer students studying in the College of Arts and Sciences. You’ll see Herman Hall (which includes the Writing Center, Student Disability Services, and the Math Center); Emerson Hall; the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (including Health Services, a variety of labs, and the Atrium); and the Television Studio located in D’Amour Library.

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College of Business

Western New England University students Maddy and Gabby take us to visit the College of Business in Churchill Hall as well as the Business Analytics Center in D’Amour Library. From keeping up with what’s happening on Wall Street to holding meetings and analyzing and applying data, the College of Business is well-equipped to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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College of Engineering

Jason and Ashley introduce you to Sleith Hall, home to the College of Engineering at Western New England University. From a Biomedical Hospital Suite to an instrumentation lab and unique innovation studio, Sleith Hall is filled with all the equipment and work spaces budding engineers need to design their newest innovations.

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