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Business Global Scholars Program

Go Global

Distinguish yourself on campus and beyond as a member of the Global Scholars program in the College of Business. This unique opportunity offers students in good standing in any business major the personal and career advantages of a global orientation through targeted coursework, international travel/study experiences, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Students who successfully complete the Global Scholars program receive this designation on their University transcript and at Commencement. To obtain this designation, College of Business students must complete:

  • BUS 210 Living and Learning Abroad (1 credit) - Generally taken in the sophomore year, this course is designed to prepare students for studying or working abroad. Taken prior to or currently with the required study abroad experience, or after study abroad by permission of the Global Scholars coordinator. All sections of the course include outside activities that may be submitted for Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) credit.
  • Study or work abroad experience - A minimum of six (6) credits of academic course work taken outside the United States in one or more international study or work experiences. This may be accomplished through participation in a College of Business International Exchange partnership program, a semester abroad offered through the University’s Study Abroad Office, or other opportunities involving Western New England seminar abroad international travel/study courses  completed during summer or winter breaks.
  • Global awareness course work - Six (6) credits of foreign language, world geography, or international relations classes taken at the University level.
  • BUS 411 Global Scholars Capstone (2 credits) - Taken in the senior year, this course involves a capstone project designed by the student and includes a presentation to members of the College of Business Advisory Board. This requirement may be aligned with the College of Business Honors Program and/or major program requirements.

To earn recognition as a University Global Scholar, candidates are asked to reflect on these core elements in connection with a capstone experience, project, or course. The reflection may take many forms, including (but not limited to) a presentation, portfolio, reflection paper, research or policy paper, journal, creative writing, or other artistic product.

In addition to any College-specific requirements, capstone reflections should address the following questions:

  • How has completion of the Global Scholars elements required by your College contributed to your learning in a specific area of study (i.e. your major and/or minor)?   
  • How has completion of the Global Scholars elements requirements by your College shaped your understanding of region(s) or nation(s) outside of the United States?

Each student’s College Coordinator of University Global Scholars will review the answers to these questions to determine whether they satisfy the reflection element of the capstone requirement.