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The College of Business takes immense pride in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Our graduates have been the proving ground for leaders in major accounting firms, CEOs and CFOs of banks and financial institutions, executives in insurance and manufacturing industries, top healthcare and nonprofit professionals, and scores of entrepreneurs. These individuals have gained the knowledge needed from our comprehensive educational approach focusing on general business knowledge and specific major-related skills. This balance between broad and focused learning has empowered our students to effectively contribute to their respective organizations and excel in their careers.

Our undergraduate students can choose from nine distinct majors and several combined degree programs designed to save time and tuition. In line with national trends, approximately 20% of our business students start their journey without a decided major. To support these students, we offer an Exploratory Program that allows them to delve into various fields of business, ensuring a wise and informed investment in their future. 

At the graduate level, our MBA offers the quality, convenience, flexibility, and affordability sought by individuals seeking to rise to executive roles. Capitalizing on the strengths of our accounting, leadership, and sport management programs and the diverse offerings of the University, we are uniquely positioned to provide a wide array of advanced and combined degrees to open doors to even greater career opportunities.

The College of Business is also renowned for its attention to students, fostering invaluable internship connections within the business community, and the highest business accreditation in the world (AACSB). This unique blend of theory and practical experience sets our graduates up for success, facilitating a smooth transition from academia to their professional careers. As a result, they are fully equipped and ready to contribute to their chosen industries significantly.

Message from the Dean

"As we enter our second century at Western New England University, our purpose remains clear—to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an ever evolving business world. Our outstanding faculty and staff are committed to building educational communities that not only facilitate student learning but generate a positive and engaging energy that inspires us all in our journey."

Dr. Sharianne Walker
Dean, College of Business

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Dean Walker

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Global Scholar

Global Scholars

Distinguish yourself on campus and beyond as a member of the Global Scholars program in the College of Business. This unique opportunity offers students in good standing in any business major the personal and career advantages of a global orientation through targeted coursework, international travel/study experiences, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Global Scholars 

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Honors Program

The Honors distinction from an AACSB International–accredited College of Business on your academic record is an ideal way to show graduate schools and potential employers that you are a person who is committed to achieving a high level of business excellence through a rigorous academic program.

Honors Program 

International Students

International Program

With an increasingly global perspective, today's business professionals must be well informed about international politics, business trends, cultural business practices, and economic factors. Every year the College of Business hosts the annual International Business program. A variety of presentations from worldwide business leaders gives students insight into a diverse range of topics shaping commerce around the world.

International Programs