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Leadership Programs

Unleash Your Business Leadership Potential

Recognizing and cultivating the leadership potential in individuals is a goal of the College of Business not limited to our enrolled students. The College of Business offers a variety of programs to help the business and community leaders of tomorrow develop their leadership skills. From high school students to mid-level managers, the programs seek to foster the skills and talents that distinguish leaders in their professions and in service to their communities.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

As you advance in your career—whether it is in business or education, healthcare or criminal justice, or elsewhere—greater responsibilities demand new leadership skills. Our Master of Science in Organizational Leadership offers the strategic business focus to empower the leader in you.

Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield and Western New England Partnership, Springfield Leadership Institute

The Springfield Leadership Institute (SLI) was established over 50 years ago by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and in 1982 Western New England University’s College of Business was invited to design and deliver a program to enhance leadership capabilities for mid- and upper-level managers to improve critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Participants should achieve personal growth and the capacity to serve their communities and workplaces more effectively.

The Management Institute

Every organization includes people who bring talent, commitment, and energy to their work. However, as these individuals advance and their responsibilities grow, they may require new skill sets to lead successfully in the organization. The Western New England University Management Institute offers businesses throughout New England a fully customized program to help nurture and develop these leadership and team-building skills.