Burt Rosenman


B.A., Wesleyan University
M.A., Kent State University
Ph.D., Kent State University


Human Evolution
Spinal Evolution
Evolution Pedagogy

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Rosenman, B.A., Lovejoy, C.O., McCollum, M.A. (2002). The development of the vertebral column . In R.A. Walker, C.O. Lovejoy, M.E. Bedford, W.Yee (Eds.), Skeletal and Developmental Anatomy for Students of Chiropractic (pp. 53-79) Philadelphia, PA : F.A. Davis.

Journal Articles

McCollum MA, Rosenman BA, Suwa G, Meindl RS, Lovejoy, CO (2010 ). Lumbar vertebral number in the last common ancestor of African apes and hominids . Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution ,314B , 123-134.

Lovejoy, C.O., McCollum, M.A., Reno, P.L., Rosenman, B.A. (2003 ). Developmental biology and human evolution . Annual Review of Anthropology ,32 , 85-109.

Hamrick, M.W., Rosenman, B.A., and Brush, J.A. (1999 ). Phalangeal morphology of the Paromomyidae (?Primates, Plesiadapiformes): The evidence for gliding behavior reconsidered . American Journal of Physical Anthropology ,109 , 397-413.

Courses Taught

Bio 101 Biology: Organisms (3 cr.)

This is an introduction to the biology of organisms and their
component parts. Intended primarily for nonmajors, the emphasis is on the structure and function of human cells and organs.

Distribution: GUR/MR
Two class hours, three-hour lab.
Laboratory fees $50.

Bio 108 General Biology II (3 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 107, BIO 117; or permission of the instructor. 

Corequisite: BIO 118.

Intended for science majors, the focus is on the diversity of life, the function of organs in animals, and ecology. Students learn the basic concepts of biology and write about them using the appropriate vocabulary. Students also use their new knowledge to practice problem solving.

Distribution: GUR/MR

Bio 117 General Biology Laboratory I (1 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 107 or concurrently.

Students apply scientific thinking and basic technical skills to the study of cells. Methods practiced include microscopy, spectroscopy, and chromatography as well as the collection, graphing, and interpretation of data.

Distribution: GUR/MR
This course is a prerequisite.
Three-hour lab.
Laboratory fees $50

Bio 118 General Biology Laboratory II (1 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 108 or concurrently.

Students examine the difference between various types of organisms and dissect a typical mammal to study its internal structure. They also learn and use the applicable terminology.

Distribution: MR
Three-hour lab.
Laboratory fees $50

Bio 156 Biological Evolution (3 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 101, GEOL 101, or permission of instructor.

An introduction to the historical development of the Theory of Evolution, the evidence for and mechanisms of evolution, and the major events in the history of life on Earth with emphasis on humans.

BIO 101 or GEOL 101 followed by this course fulfills the GUR requirement for the Natural Science Perspective.

Bio 215 Anatomy and Physiology I (4 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 108/BIO 118 and CHEM 106.

This course offers a comprehensive study of human anatomy and physiology at the cell, tissue, and organ system levels of organization. Topics include anatomical terminology, the basic chemistry of life, structure and function of human cells and tissues, and the anatomy and physiology of integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Distribution: MR
Three class hours, three-hour lab.

Bio 216 Anatomy and Physiology II (4 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 215.

A continuation of BIO 215, this course includes a study of the
structure and function of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems.

Distribution: MR
Three class hours, three-hour lab.
This course is a prerequisite.

Bio 455 Evolution (3 cr.)

Prerequisite: BIO 306 and senior standing.

This is a study of organic evolution and its theoretical basis. This
course develops three major themes: the history of evolutionary
thought, the mechanisms of evolution, and highlights in the history of life.

LA 100 First Year Seminar (2 cr.)