Charles Caley


Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency, Washington State University
Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island
BS Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island


Psychiatric Pharmacy

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Caley CF (2018). Schizophrenia MTM Data Set . In Whalen K, Hardin HC (Eds.), Medication Therapy Management (2nd Edition) (pp. 565 - 581) New York, NY : McGraw Hill Education.

Ehret MJ, Caley CF (2018). Bipolar Disorders . In Zeind CS, Carvalho MG (Eds.), Applied Therapeutics The Clinical Use of Drugs (11th Edition) (pp. 1834 - 1850) Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer.

Journal Articles

Harris SC, Bostwick JR, Werremeyer AB, Goldstone LW, Cates ME, Caley CF. (2021 , February ). Wellness and Stigma: Pharmacy’s Ongoing Conflict . American Journal of Pharmacy Education Article #8354 DOI:

Giannetti V, Caley CF, Kamal KM, Covvey JR, McKee J, Wells BG, Najarian DM, Dunn TJ, Vadagam P. (2018 , October ). Community pharmacists and mental illness: a survey of service provision, stigma, attitudes and beliefs. . International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy ,40 , 1096 - 1105.

Caley CF, Perriello E, Golden J. (2018 ). Antiepileptic drugs and suicide-related outcomes in bipolar disorder – a descriptive review of published data. . Mental Health Clinician ,8 , 138 - 47.

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