Harris Freeman


B.A., University of Florida
J.D., Western New England University School of Law


Upon graduation, Professor Freeman clerked for Federal District Judge Michael A. Ponsor (D. MA). He was an associate at Lesser, Newman, Souweine and Nasser, in Northampton, MA, where he litigated employment, civil rights, and personal injury claims and was subsequently of-counsel with Attorney Wendy Sibbison focusing on appellate litigation and criminal defense. Since 1999, he has been affiliated faculty at the Labor Relations and Research Center, University of Massachusetts, teaching labor and employment law courses. Professor Freeman has also been adjunct faculty in the Soial Thought and Political Economy Program at the University of Massachusetts and in the Government Department at Smith College. By appointment of Governor Deval Patrick, Professor Freeman served from 2009 until 2016 as a member of the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board, an appellate agency body that oversees public sector labor relations in Massachusetts. Professor Freeman’s writings appear in the Employee Rights and Employment Policy JournalThe Journal of Labor and Society and Labor Notes. He currently sits on the editorial board of The Journal of Labor and Society and previously served on the editorial board of The Second Draft, a publication of the Legal Writing Institute. Professor Freeman has written extensively on precarious employment and has testified three times before U.S. Senate and House committees on issues related to precarious employment and labor law and lectured on this topic at universities in India, China and Hong Kong. He is a founder of the Immigrant Protection Project of Western Massachusetts which from 2107-2020 organized attorneys in western Massachusetts to provide pro bono representation to immigrants in removal proceedings before the immigration courts. He is a member of the board of directors of the Massachusetts Fair Housing Center, a member of the Massachusetts Society of Professors (NEA), and a cooperating attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts. Professor Freeman joined the law school’s faculty in 1999 and teaches courses in legal research and writing as well as labor and employment law.

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Employment Law

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Labor and Employment Law

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Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Shorter Writings

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