Jingzhou Zhao


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2013-2017
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2011-2013
B.S. Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2007-2011


Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

Center for Nanomanufacturing

Research Interests

Manufacturing Processes
In-situ Sensing Systems
Fluid Interface Control

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Zhao, J., Li, H., Choi, H., Ma, C., Cai, W., Abell, J., Li, X. (2017). Transient Temperature and Heat Flux Measurement Using Thin-Film Microsensors . In Wayne W. Cai, Bongsu Kang, and S. Jack Hu (Eds.), Ultrasonic Welding of Li-Ion Batteries : ASME.

Journal Articles

Zhao, J., Ye, F. (2019 , June ). Where ThermoMesh meets ThermoNet: A machine learning based sensor for heat source localization and peak temperature estimation . Sensors and Actuators A: Physical ,292 , 30-38.

Li, L., Li, Z., Zhao, J., Guo, W. (2018 , December ). Lithium-Ion Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles . International Journal of Performability Engineering ,14 , 3184-3194.

Zhao, J., Li, X. (2017 , December ). A Long Wavelength Model for Manufacturing of Continuous Metal Microwires by Thermal Fiber Drawing From a Preform . Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing ,6 , 011003.

Javadi, A., Zhao, J., Cao C., Pozuelo M., Yang Y., Hwang I., Lin, T.C., and Li. X. (2017 , August ). Stretching Micro Metal Particles into Uniformly Dispersed and Sized Nanoparticles in Polymer . Scientific Reports ,7

Zhao, J., Javadi, A., Lin, T.C., Huang, I., Yang, Y., Guan, Z., Li, X. (2016 , October ). Scalable Manufacturing of Metal Nanoparticles by Thermal Fiber Drawing . Journal of Micro and Nano- Manufacturing ,4

Ma, C., Zhao, J., Cao, C., Chiang, L. T., and Li, X. (2016 , June ). Fundamental Study on Laser Interactions with Nanoparticles-Reinforced Metals (Part I and II) . Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering ,138

Mutyala, M. S. K., Zhao, J., Li, J., Pan, H., Yuan, C., and Li, X. (2014 , August ). In-situ Temperature Measurement in Lithium Ion Battery by Transferable Flexible Thin Film Thermocouples . Journal of Power Sources ,260 , 43-49.

Zhao, J., Li, H., Choi, H., Cai, W., Abell, J. A., and Li, X. (2013 , January ). Insertable Thin Film Thermocouples for In-situ Transient Temperature Monitoring in Ultrasonic Metal Welding of Battery Tabs . Journal of Manufacturing Processes ,15 , 136-140.

Conference Proceedings

Benner, J., Zhao, J., Devita, A. (2019 , April ). Thermal analysis of preform fabrication for Flow Mold Casting . 4th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC) , Las Vegas, NV