John Baick


B.A., History, Columbia University
M.A., American History, New York University
Ph.D., American History, New York University


Although he was born and raised in Southern California, John Baick (pronounced “back”) considers himself a Northeasterner because of his many years in New York City and Massachusetts. He is a Yankees and Dodgers fan, but he has a respect for the cultural significance of the Red Sox in New England.


Modern U.S. History
The Intersection of Ideas, Politics, and Popular Culture in the United States and the Modern World
Urban History
East Asian History

Scholarly Works

Journal Articles

Nineteenth Century Urban Immigration: Between the Melting Pot and the Jungle, A Companion to American Urban History, edited by David Quigley (Blackwell, tba)

United States History Since 1865 (Collins College Outline Series, 2006)

Lost in the Shadows of the Reagan Revolution: Bruce Springsteen, Public Enemy, and the Meaning of American Culture, Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, 2005

A Strong Oriental School: Franz Boas, Columbia University, and the Weak Roots of East Asian Studies in America, JSAC/EAS Conference, 2005

Teaching Platoon in the Social Science Classroom, NEPSA, 2004

Cracks in the Foundation: Frederick T. Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the China Medical Board, The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (3:1, January 2004).

Review of Philip J. Pauly Biologists and the Promise of American Life for H-Ideas (2001)

Review of T.J. Jackson Lears No Place of Grace for the 20th Century Retrospective in Intellectual History, H-Ideas (2000)

Rose Hum Lee, American National Biography (Oxford University Press, 1998)

Expanding Elite Culture in New York: Franz Boas and the American Museum of Natural History, American Historical Association Conference (PCB), 1998

Converting Missionaries With Science, ARNOVA Silver Anniversary Conference, 1996

Courses Taught

HIST 357 History of New York

HIST 358 History of the United States since 1945

HIST 112 United States Since 1878

HON 102 Cities and Societies

HIST 355 Watching War

HON 290 American Popular Culture in a Global Matrix

LA 100 Freshman Seminar

HIST 495 Senior Thesis in History

HON 495 Seniors Honors Project