Jonathan Pinkston


MS, University of Florida
PhD, University of Florida


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The Psychological Meaning of Effort

Response effort has carried multiple meanings in psychology. At times, effort has been viewed as aversive--something to be avoided. At other times, effort is viewed as motivational--something to be sought after and encouraged. But, what is effort, psychologically speaking? Despite the fact that no behavior occurs absent effort, psychology has little to say. Our lab is engaged in several projects aimed at clarifying the measurement and meaning of effort for learning and motivation. Among our most important questions now are: 1. How does the effortfulness of a task modify novel or creative solutions to problem solving? 2. How does the effortfulness of a task modify persistence of behavior? 3. Is response effort actually aversive--does it actually reduce or punish behavior.

Courses Taught

PSY 390 PSY 390 Research Methods

PSY 324 PSY 324 Drugs and Behavior

HON 390 HON 390 Science and Skepticism

PSY 501 PSY 501 Principles of Learning

PSY 630 PSY 630 Statisics