Katherine Schlef

Why does Massachusetts have drought restrictions? Ever wonder what happens in the atmosphere during an extreme flood? How might flood magnitude change under a changing climate? How do we manage our water resources? These are the types of questions I like to answer, using state-wide, national, or even global data sets, and employing a variety of statistical and process-based modeling techniques.

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M.S., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst
B.S., Harvey Mudd College

Courses Taught

(Water Related Courses) CEE 320 & 322 Environmental Engineering (& Lab), CEE 324 Groundwater Engineering, CEE 461 Water Resources Engineering, CEE 490 Engineering Resilience: Focus on Water Resources

(Core Engineering Courses) ENGR 105 Computer Programming for Engineers, CEE 361 Fluid Mechanics

(Petroleum Courses: no longer offered) CEE 411 Petroleum Fluids and Reservoir Engineering, CEE 412 Petrophysics and Reservoir Geomechanics