Luwam Dirar


J.S.D., Cornell Law School
LL.M., Cornell Law School
LL.B., Asmara University


Luwam Dirar is a legal scholar with international academic and practice experience. Her research and teaching experience span the Max Planck Foundation, Harvard University, Cornell University, Pretoria University, Doha Educational City (in collaboration with the Harvard Institute for Global Law and Policy), and the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania. She has consulted international organizations on migration as a subject matter and country expert. She has supported African governments in transition on the rule of law- and law-making processes from a comparative perspective.

Prof. Dirar’s teaching and research interests include internet law, international human rights law, migration law, and the intersection of international economic law and international relations. Her research and writing critique systems that root colonialism, neocolonialism, patriarchy, and inequality in our society. She earned her J.S.D. from Cornell University in 2016. Her dissertation titled Theorizing Regional Integration Among the Southern African States and their Relations with the European Union attempted to develop new thinking on how African states conceptualize regional integration. Her current research project aims to broaden her dissertation’s theoretical contribution to broader emancipatory movements in Africa.

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Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Shorter Writings

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