Mohammadhossein Gilzad Kohan


PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), University of Tehran, Iran


Dr. Gilzad Kohan’s interests include developing clinical and non-clinical PK/PD projects, which investigate pathophysiological changes in the action and disposition of the drugs. In addition, he is interested in chemical structure modification (including pro-drug synthesis) in order to improve pharmacokinetic (PK) properties of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drugs. Additionally, his research involves drug-disease interaction studies and nano-medicine design.

Scholarly Works

Journal Articles

Alfonso Ramirez, Kathleen A. Bielecki-Wilken, David Baker, Shabnam Sani, Hamed Gilzad- Kohan (2021 , April ). In vitro permeability, irritability, and release evaluation of commonly used topical diclofenac gel preparations (1, 5, and 10 ) . Int J Pharm Compounding

Gilzad-Kohan H, Jamali F (2021 ). Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Drugs Used to Control COVID-19 and their Effects on the Renin-Angiotensin System and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-2 . J Pharm Pharm Sci

4. Bakhteyar Hamid, Cassone Clayton, Hamed Gilzad-Kohan, Sani Shabnam N (2017 , September ). Kinetic Analysis of Drug Release from Compounded Slow-Release Capsules of Liothyronine Sodium (T3) . Int J Pharm Compounding

Gilzad-Kohan H, Sani S, Boroujerdi M. (2017 , June ). Calcitriol Reverses Induced Expression of Efflux Proteins and Potentiates Cytotoxic Activity of Gemcitabine in Capan-2 Pancreatic Cancer Cells . J Pharm Pharm Sci

Vandhana Muralidharan-Chari, Hamed Gilzad-Kohan, Alex Asimakopoulos, Thangirala Sudha, Stewart Sell, Kannan Kurunthachalam, Mehdi Boroujerdi, Shaker A Mousa (2015 ). Removal of Therapeutic Drugs by Microvesicles Contributes to Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells .

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Courses Taught

PHAR 514 Pharmaceutics I

PHAR 515 Pharmaceutics I Lab

PHAR 610 Principles of Pharmacokinetics

PHAR 525 Pharmaceutics lab

PHAR 656 Drug Discovery & Development

PHAR 690 Cosmeceuticals