Natalia Shcherbakova


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, Division of Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice
Master of Science, University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, Division of Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice
Specialist (Pharmacy), Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy, Perm, Russia

Research Interests

Dr. Shcherbakova’s research interests include real-world population-based studies of medication use outcomes including medication effectiveness, safety, pharmacoeconomics, persistence and adherence with chronic therapies, managed care program evaluation (e.g., outcomes of pharmacist-delivered interventions). In addition, she is interested in how social media and participatory medicine transform healthcare. Prior to joining Western New England University College of Pharmacy, she had experience working in pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting companies including Novartis Pharma, Biogen Idec and Avalere Health, a health policy consulting agency in Washington D.C.

Courses Taught

PHAR 517 Healthcare Policy and Delivery
PHAR 526 Pharmacy Outcomes
PHAR 628 Literature Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice
PHAR 663 Pharmaceutical Industry in a Global Context

Scholarly Works

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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