Ola Ghoneim


Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Scripps Research Institute-La Jolla, CA
PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

Research Interests

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is my main research interest. However, I do approach ASD research from different angles. My lab is currently focussing on the design and synthesis of single chemical entity with dual pharmacological profile as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and serotonin 5-HT1B/1D antagonists as potential therapeutic avenue for treating repetitive behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Moreover, we are interested in assessing and evaluating the quality of life (QoL) of students with ASD attending colleges in the American Northeast, compared to their neuro-typical peers. Furthermore, a special interest has been given to narrowing the pharmacist-patient communication gap. I am specifically looking at the perspectives of pharmacists on healthcare barriers to provide better quality care for adult patients with ASD. On the other hand, under the area of innovative technology and effective pedagogy in teaching and learning, we are currently working on design, validate and implement an augmented reality (AR) platform in pharmaceutical educational settings, especially pharmaceutical compounding labs and beyond.

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Ola A. M. Ghoneim and Raymond G. Booth (2021). Therapeutic and Diagnostic Agents for Parkinson’s Disease . In Donald J. Abraham, Michael Myers, Kent D. Stewart (Eds.), Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development 8th edition (8th Edition) : Wiley.

Journal Articles

Maitham A. Khajah, Sanaa Hawai, Doreen E. Szollosi, Ashley A. Bill, Ola Ghoneim, Ivan Edafiogho. (2021 , September ). The novel piperazino-enaminone JOAB-40 reduced colitis severity in mice via inhibition tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1β. . Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy ,141 , 111852-.

Chen Zhong, Doreen Szollosi, Junjiang Sun, Baolai Hua Ola Ghoneim Ashley Bill Yingping Zhuang Ivan Edafiogho. (2019 , May ). Novel piperazino-enaminones decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines following hemarthrosis in a hemophilia mouse model. . Inflammation ,42 , 1719-1729.

Ola M. Ghoneim, Ashley Bill, Jyothi Dhuguru, Doreen E. Szollosi, Ivan O. Edafiogho (2018 , August ). Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Piperazino-Enaminones as Novel Suppressants of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines. . Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry ,26 , 3890-3898.

Doreen E. Szollosi, Mohammed K. Manzoor, Andrea Aquilato, Patricia Jackson, Ola M. Ghoneim, and Ivan O. Edafiogho (2018 , January ). Current and Novel Anti-inflammatory Drug Targets for Inhibition of Cytokines and Leucocyte Recruitment in Rheumatic Diseases. . Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology ,70 , 18-26.

Ameneh Cheshmehkani, Ilya S. Senatorov, Jyothi Dhuguru, Ola Ghoneim, Nader H. Moniri (2017 , December ). Free-fatty acid receptor-4 (FFA4) modulated ROS generation and COX-2 expression via the C-terminal beta-arrestin phosphsensor in Raw 264.7 macrophages. . Biochemical Pharmacology ,146 , 139-150.

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Ola Ghoneim, Richard H. Alper, Doreen E. Szollosi, Mark A. Sweezy, Rajesh Vadlapatla, and Ivan O. Edafiogho (2016 , July ). Implementation of an Elective Course to Introduce Pharmaceutical Sciences Research . Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning ,8 , 501-508.

Doreen E. Wesche-Szollosi, Ola Ghoneim, Ivan O. Edafiogho, Joseph R. Ofosu (2015 , March ). Developing Pharmacy Student Empathy Using Mock HIV Anti-Retroviral Therapy Regimens: A Learning Activity . Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning ,8 , 240-246.

Nadir M. Kheir, Ola M. Ghoneim, Amy L. Sandridge, Sara A. Hayder, Muna S. Al-Ismail, Fadhila Al-Rawi (2012 , June ). Concerns and considerations among caregivers of a child with autism in Qatar . Biomed Central Research Notes ,6 , 290.

Nadir M. Kheir, Ola M. Ghoneim, Amy L. Sandridge, Muna S. Al-Ismail, Sara A. Hayder, Fadhila Al-Rawi (2012 , February ). Quality of life of caregivers of children with autism in Qatar . Autism International Journal of Research and Practice ,16 , 293-298.

Ola M. Ghoneim, Diaa A. Ibrahim, Ibrahim M. El-Deeb, So-Ha Lee, Raymond G. Booth (2011 , November ). A Novel Potential Therapeutic Avenue for Autism: Design, Synthesis and Pharmacophore Generation of SSRIs with Dual Action . Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Letters ,21 , 6714-6723.

Ola M. Ghoneim, Reem H. Elajez, Hebatalla M. Afifi (2011 , May ). Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) with dual functionality Hybrid anti-autism candidates . Bentham Science: The Open Conference Proceeding Journal ,2 , 46-52.

Scott Edwards, Miguel Guerrero, Ola M. Ghoneim, Edward Roberts, George F. Koob (2011 , February ). Evidence for Vasopressin V1b Receptors in Mediating the Transition to Excessive Drinking in Ethanol-Dependent Rats . Addiction Biology ,17 , 76-85.

Ola M. Ghoneim, Jacqueline A. Legere, Alexander Golbraikh, Alexander Tropsha, Raymond G. Booth. (2006 , October ). Novel Ligands for the Human Histamine H1 Receptor: Synthesis, Pharmacology, and Comparative Molecular Field Analysis Studies of 2-Dimethylamino-5-(6)-phenyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-naphthalenes . Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry ,14 , 6640-6658.

Courses Taught

PHAR-612 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry
PHAR-712 Integrated Pharmacy Care and Patient Management Course Series-Infectious Disease-I
PHAR-713 Integrated Pharmacy Care and Patient Management Course Series-Infectious Disease-II
PHCY-710 Introduction to Pharmacochemistry
PHCY-731 Pharmacochemistry of the Cardiovascular, Renal and Blood Clotting Systems
PHCY-732 Pharmacochemistry of Drugs with Actions on Smooth Muscle Systems
PHCY-735 Pharmacochemistry of Anti-Infective Drugs
PHCY-795 First Year Integrative Experience-Capstone Course
PHCY-865 Principles of Drug Design and Drug Development
PHCY-867 Cultural and Health Beliefs in Pharmacy Practice
PHCY-892 Directed Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences Research
PHCY-969 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Pharmacy Research